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Infographic: Social Media, Technology and BC Street-Involved Youth

Recently The Homeless Hub shared an article written by Marion Selfridge titled “Infographic: Social Media, Technology and BC Street-Involved Youth”. The article looks at the difference between housed and unhoused youth when it comes to knowledge and use of social media and technology. The article and infographic are worth checking out and reference a 2014 survey conducted with 135 street-involved youth aged 15-24 in British Columbia. 

Infographic from Homeless hub 

Eastside Stories - Youth

Eastside Stories believe that everyone has a story to tell. In their third video instalment they focus on sharing stories of Vancouver street youth in the Downtown Eastside.

Check our this powerful video below and visit their Facebook page to watch all their videos.

Thank you Colour Time Printing & Digital Imaging – You bring colour to youth’s lives!

John Plonka and his team at Colour Time Printing & Digital Imaging continue to come up with new and creative ways to support youth and Covenant House Vancouver. We want the world to know how grateful we are for their incredibly loving and thoughtful support – thank you!

Colour Time’s most recent gifts include box seats for youth to attend 4 Vancouver Giants  hockey  games and 100 specially made day planners to help youth manage their time and responsibilities.  The planners help our youth to continue working hard on their journey forward with this motivating cover!

Colour Time also donated their time, talent and resources to create two big, beautiful Sleep Out: Executive Edition poster boards and free printing/digital imaging expertise for our annual Give a Day, Build a Life donor recognition booklet. Helping us save money means more help for young people working hard at brighter futures.

Thank you to all of the wonderful folks at Colour Time!

Journals donated by Colour Time 
Downtown Vancouver’s leading provider of printing and marketing services can be found at:  150-1066 West Hastings Street. 

Colour Time Logo

Pink Shirt Day - Kindness is one size fits all!

Pink Shirt Day  was created when two Nova Scotia high school students supported a fellow student that was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt by also wearing pink (read the full story here). From that moment of solidarity Pink Shirt Day was born and it allows all people to stand up to bullies everywhere by wearing pink.  Bullying continues to be a major concern in schools, workplaces and over the internet and it is important to raise awareness around this issue and say enough to bullies!  

This year’s theme focuses on kindness and they are encouraging everyone to openly express that “Kindness is one size fits all”. Be sure to use the hashtag #PinkShirtDay and share how you are spreading kindness. 

Pink Shirt Day  

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