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Whitecap players join our youth at soccer practice

From August 10th to August 18th, 2013, 64 nations will take part in the 11th edition of the Homeless World Cup annual tournament, taking place in Poznan, Poland. Covenant House Vancouver players are part of the Vancouver Street Soccer League and two of our young people are going to Poland with the Vancouver team. Being involved in sports and athletic activities has many great benefits both physically and mentally. It is a great way for our young people to have healthy fun and meet new friends.

At a recent soccer practice our players were joined by Carl Valentine, Keputa Manneh and Greg Klazura of the Vancouver Whitecaps. It was a wonderful treat for our soccer players and a great boost before they head off to the Homeless World Cup.

youth and whitecaps players picture

Our two Poland bound players with Carl Valentine, Keputa Manneh and Greg Klazura of the Whitecaps.

Top 5 Items We Need Now

  1. Men’s Deodorant
  2. Shaving Cream (men’s & women’s)
  3. Razor’s (men’s & women’s)
  4. Cutlery (new or used)
  5. Sunglasses

Donations can be dropped off at 575 Drake street. If you have any questions please contact us at 604-639-8937 or by email at

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"I feel happy that Covenant House helped me"

In her own words a young person describes how she blossomed into an independent young person while living at our Rights of Passage (ROP)  program.

"Covenant House helped me to learn how to cook and clean better than I could before I came.  They helped me to learn job skills.  When I lived at Covenant House, I met people and made friends. They helped me with the case plan to plan what I am going to do today and tomorrow.  They asked me to help with the community brunch and dinner and I liked to help.  They woke me up in the morning so that I could go to school on time. 

At Covenant House I got experience budgeting.  I learned how to do a budget, because I like to spend money.  They showed me how to take care of myself; they took me grocery shopping and they helped me find somewhere to live when I left Covenant House.  I feel happy that Covenant House helped me find a better place to live."
confidence to move forward

At ROP youth recieve:

  • A fully furnished apartment at Covenant House
  • 24-hour support from Youth Workers
  • Help learning to clean and take care of household responsibilities
  • Help with decision-making, money management, time management, communication skills and conflict resolution
  • Support maintaining employment and/or developing an education plan
  • Wake-up calls and help sticking to schedules (reminders of appointments and assignments)
  • One community meal each week
  • Counselling and additional support as required to heal from the abuses of the past