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A poem written in honour of the volunteers & youth workers

I notice you…

You may not know it, but I notice you

I notice you in the clothing room, that weekly volunteer that smiles at me and doesn’t notice that I have dirty clothes or nails

I notice you at the check-in desk when you greet me with a smile even though you don’t know the things I had to do to survive on the streets

I notice you when I am on the street and I am cold, lonely and sometimes high, and you notice ME and offer me a snack or a hand up

I notice you when you offer me a hot meal and treat me like I matter

I notice you when you say hi and when you sit down at the table while I eat my meal

You may not know it but when YOU notice ME it makes me feel like I can make it one more day

T H A N K   Y O U



We all look forward to seeing where Cameron’s new found motivation will take him

Cameron’s stays in our Crisis Shelter had historically been long. They have also lacked direction most of the times as a result of his low self-confidence and motivation. However, the last time Cameron was in taken into Shelter we saw a shift in his demeanor. He came in and began to talk about a job training program that he had heard about and wanted to follow through in applying for it. 

Cameron was accepted into the program and began waking up early to attend the program, coming back to Shelter in positive spirits, and studying hard for upcoming assignments in the evenings. Last Friday night, by his own initiative, Cameron arranged to attend a local judo session, one of his long forgotten passions. He came back that night tired, sweaty, and smiling from ear to ear. It was so nice to see him this way.

Still currently enrolled in his job training program, Cameron is motivated to do well in it, and speaks openly to staff about the kinds of jobs he’s looking forward to applying for after he’s completed his training. It has been really great to see Cameron grow since he has come into shelter and we all look forward to seeing where his new found motivation will take him.

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Seventh Annual Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day

Pink Shirt Day was created when two Nova Scotia high school students supported a fellow student that was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt by also wearing pink (read the full story here). From that moment of solidarity Pink Shirt Day was born and it allows all people to stand up to bullies everywhere by wearing pink.

Below are some images of the Covenant House team supporting Pink Shirt Day:

Pink shirt day staff pictures

Pink shirt day staff pictures

Pink shirt day staff pictures

Pink shirt day staff pictures



pink shirt day

12th Annual Homelessness Radio Marathon

Tomorrow February 26, 2014 marks the 12th Annual Homelessness Radio Marathon. It is a 14 hour consciousness-raising live radio broadcast, hosted from the streets usually starting from 5pm till 7am the next morning. They broadcast live, moving from station to station across the country, with spoken word, fiery discussion, conversation, music, stories, and open mic, with the intention of sparking a national dialogue on homelessness and poverty. If you want to participate in this year’s discussion you can call toll free: 1-866-594-7729.

To learn more about this event click here and for the list of radio stations participating click here.

homelessness radio marathon 2014

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