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Covenant House Vancouver is a premier provider of shelter and other services supporting homeless and at-risk youth. We are a fun and diverse team dedicated to fighting against the crisis of homelessness through many exciting careers. Come make a difference with us. Embark on a fulfilling career while helping young people in our community.

Covenant House Vancouver fosters a culture based on truly caring for people as human beings, being respectful, and building high trust relationships. Through these values, we strive for employees to feel a sense of belonging, inclusion, and psychological safety where they can feel heard, appreciated, supported, and empowered. Our culture is intended to inspire creativity, innovation, collaboration, transparency, fun, and personal growth so we can provide an engaging work environment where employees can thrive and will result in the best care for the vulnerable young people that Covenant House Vancouver is privileged to serve.

We offer a safe workplace for those reporting to our sites and have safety measures in place that are above and beyond government regulations. For the duration of this pandemic, we continue to focus on the safety of our youth and employees, applying policies and practices that will minimize risk for all. In order to be hired at Covenant House Vancouver as an employee, practicum student, or volunteer, candidates must provide evidence of full courses of Health-Canada approved vaccinations prior to starting their first shift.

Our Perks

Positive & Supportive work environment

Opportunities to grow

We have fun!

You can also learn more about practicums with Covenant House Vancouver.

About Work at Covenant House Vancouver

Working at Covenant House will be one of the most meaningful things that you’ll do in your life. However, you will be confronted with significant issues in this work and frankly, this work is not for everyone. In the course of doing your work, particularly for those doing frontline work, you will be exposed to the trauma of others.

While we provide training for youth workers on avoiding what we call vicarious trauma (namely, the trauma you can experience or take on by hearing other’s traumatic stories), and a generous allowance for counselling, it is still difficult work that can and does take its toll on many employees. Self-awareness and self-care are key. Some candidates and employees decide during the recruiting and probationary periods that this work isn’t for them, and that is totally fair.

We will provide more information on vicarious trauma during recruiting and on-boarding, to help you decide if Covenant House is the place for you. 

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