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Two Uplifting Stories of Success from our Crisis Shelter

Mark calls to let us know he is doing well:

Mark came to Shelter about two months ago. During his stay Mark connected with mental health supports, worked on addressing his mental health issues and found a job; he Mark was even able to find his own place and move in. Recently, Mark called to update staff that he loves his new place, is happy and doing well. He also let us know that he will continue to see his mental health supports!

Matthew attends his first NA meeting:

Matthew has been in and out of our Crisis Shelter and has struggled due to his addiction. Matthew went to his first NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meeting this evening. He came back to the Shelter very excited because he was able to connect with an old friend who runs the meetings. Matthew told staff all about how much support he felt from the meeting, how excited and inspired he is to continue his recovery journey!


Impark – Helping the Homeless Youth of Vancouver

In 2012, we were fortunate to be selected as the charity partner for Imperial Parking Corporation at their 50th Anniversary celebration where they announced our partnership with a $10,000 donation. Since then, they have done so much for our organization!

In order to raise critical funds for our Crisis Shelter, two of their executives have participated in our Sleep Out Executive Edition, braving the cold weather and sleeping outside to experience what it's really like to be homeless, and collectively raising $43,270, and staff members have also conducted fundraising initiatives in their offices.

They have also volunteered their time, playing in a friendly game of soccer with some of our youth in our recreation program and have conducted numerous clothing drives to make sure that our young people have nice clean clothes to wear. Staff have also participated in our Thankathon program – calling hundreds of our donors to say 'thank you' for their generosity.

Impark has made a huge difference in the lives of our youth – both by helping us financially and by giving so freely of their time. Thank you from all of us here for everything!

Learning & sharing with students from Immaculate Conception School

The grade 5 students at Immaculate Conception School fundraised $769 for Covenant House as part of their class outreach project.

They also collected non-perishable items for us and delivered them on a visit to Covenant House.  About 25 students came in for a visit and tour of our Gift-in-Kind area.  They then had an opportunity to listen to Sister Nancy Brown speak so they could learn more about what we do and ask any questions they had about homeless youth.

After the visit the students sent us a book filled with their personal reflections. We will be sharing stories from the book over the summer.

Thank you to the grade 5 students at Immaculate Conception School for their hard work fundraising and the wonderful book!

book from grade 5 students

“It’s so cheap!” - John learns how to save money while grocery shopping

I had been trying to get some of our youth to shop in Chinatown or Sunrise Market, but they considered the walk there too far. They preferred to get take out from somewhere close by and if they felt like cooking they would shop at the corner store or at Nesters Market which is about two blocks away.

But persistence paid off when John finally agreed to go with me to Sunrise Market! Before we left, John said that he only had about $17. I told him not to worry. We’ll see what we can get.

When we got to the market, John looked lost. There were so many vegetables he had not seen before. I explained to him what most vegetables were and that most of them were used in Chinese cooking. We had a look at some of the items which he was more familiar with. He took a bag of baby carrots which he said was cheaper than the ones at the regular grocery chains. He also picked out some broccoli. He wanted rice too so I helped him pick out a bag. He also bought about 1 kilogram of ground beef.

At the cashier, he was nervous not knowing what the total will be. He was worried that he didn’t have enough money. The cashier then informed him that the total was $7.25. It was priceless to see his facial expression change from nervousness to surprise. He immediately turned to me mouthing his words to me “It’s so cheap!” He gladly parted with his money.

While walking back to ROP, he kept expressing how shocked he was & that needless to say, he’s going to return to do his grocery shopping at Sunrise Market. He said “With this purchase, I could eat it for 3 meals at least!”

image on saving money on food shopping