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Take a big hike with us July 4th on Bowen Island

On Saturday, July 4th Bowen Island Gives is holding their 4th annual fundraising event and this year is supporting Covenant House with the profits! Their goal is to raise $10,000 to help our youth improve their lives.

You can register by making a $40 donation online here for individuals or $100 for teams of 4.

The hike is up Mt. Gardner on Bowen Island and starts at 10 AM. The party has a super fun live band called Ginger 66 and starts at 7 PM. Ocean swims to rinse off are welcome in between, after-of course- a burger & beer on the pub’s patio! Stay tuned for water taxi discounts for all folks coming from the city!

Feel free to share with all your friends/family! Hope to see you on the BIG Hike!

Take a big hike in support of CHV

Whitecaps raise $21,385 for #BuckUp for Mental Health presented by Desjardins Insurance in support of Covenant House

$21,385 was raised thanks to the Whitecaps and to your giving, sharing, fundraising and Tweeting for the #BuckUp for Mental Health campaign presented by Desjardins Insurance.

These funds will directly support our Mental Health Services program providing youth with individual attention and care from our mental health clinicians and psychiatrists. This includes counselling sessions, group work, medications, life skills support, job readiness and recreational programming. Your support is helping our youth to recover from the trauma of their past and find wellness for their future.

On behalf of everyone at Covenant House Vancouver we want to thank the Whitecaps for all their hard work and their amazing support of us and our young people.

Thank you Whitecaps!

To learn more about #BuckUp for Mental Health and read the Whitecaps web story click here#BuckUp for Mental Health with Whitecaps

"I deeply appreciate the support you have all given me" - A young man gives thanks

Dear Covenant House,

In six days from now, I finally move into my new home. I have to say, I wouldn’t have made it this far without all of you. I want to take the time to thank every one of you for the help you’ve given me to get this far, so thanks. Now I understand I wasn’t the easiest person to deal with when I was in house, and I made a lot of mistakes along the way, but I deeply appreciate the support you have all given me to get where I am today. I’ll check in with you all once in a while to see how everyone is doing, thanks!

Best regards,
Young man 
Name held for confidentiality

Thank you from young man

Hockey Helps the Homeless Supports Covenant House Vancouver

Covenant House Vancouver is grateful for the incredible support of Hockey Helps the Homeless whose $25,000 donation will enable us to make 424 contacts with youth in our Drop-In program! Our Drop-In program serves to make that first critical contact with homeless youth – introducing ourselves as a friendly face, and engaging them; offering services, support and information about Covenant House and our programs that are designed to get them off of the streets and break their cycle of poverty.

 Since 2011, Hockey Helps the Homeless has raised over $1 million for the Vancouver community. Net proceeds from the tournament are donated directly to local partner organizations that are dedicated to helping to end homelessness in our community. To learn more about Hockey Helps the Homeless and the amazing work that they are doing across Canada, please visit  

Hockey Helps the Homeless  

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