Young woman Kim gets her dream job!

When Kim first came to Covenant House’s Crisis Program she presented as very quiet and shy. As the weeks went by Kim started to settle in and started to chat more to staff. As it turned out Kim had a fascination with airplanes! She had an encyclopedic knowledge of every detail about them and could name each one and tell you everything about every detail of it. She would spend hours looking through flight magazines and often took trips out to the airport to watch the planes taking off and landing.

One day she returned to Covenant House and was beaming from ear to ear. She had just gotten a job working as a baggage handler at the airport! She was beside herself with happiness.

As overnight youth workers part of our duties is to do, early wake ups if any of the youth need one. When Kim came to me and asked to be woken up at 3:30 am so she could be ready for her shift at 5:00 am I remember thinking that it was such an early start and that I hoped it wouldn’t take any of the excitement out of it for her.

I need not have worried! I called her at 3:30 am and before I even left the room her feet were already on the ground. She had breakfast and happily headed off for her first day at work. I prayed that she would like it as I knew how high her hopes were and how excited she was.

As it turned out, she loved every second of it. She didn’t mind the early mornings or the long days. She didn’t mind that it was hard work. She was just excited to have access to the planes that she loved so much.

Kim got up at 3:30 am and never missed a day of work. About 2 months later she again returned beaming from ear to ear. She had just found herself accommodation 10 minutes away from the airport! She was really excited about the move and said she felt everything started falling into place for her. She was also pretty happy that she didn’t have to get up quite so early anymore.

Shared by Youth Worker Julie