Sleep Out: Mothers or Daughters raises over $275,859!

Last night 55 women united to raise funds and awareness for Covenant House Vancouver and the young people who turn to us for help every day. Local mothers or daughters slept outside in solidarity with the hundreds of young people who call Vancouver’s streets home.

Sleep Out: Mothers or Daughters brought together mothers and daughters from all walks of life who at our most recent count, raised $275,859! This will go directly towards Covenant House’s Outreach Program which connects youth workers with kids who are living on the streets and in need of immediate care.

The evening began with the participants getting to know each other. New participants toured our Crisis Program for those who identify as female and returning sleepers were given a presentation on Trauma Informed Practices when working with young people.

A panel discussion with three young people and two of our staff, helped our sleepers learn more about youth homelessness. The three youth who participated each had very different reasons for coming to Covenant House: one left an unsafe home, one found himself homeless and had no family support and another was a refugee.

All three said very similar things when describing their experience with Covenant House: that Covenant House felt like home and was like “family” and that they were provided with support, guidance and most importantly, LOVE.

After getting ready for “bed”, the Sleepers headed outside with just a piece of cardboard and a sleeping bag and hunkered down for the evening. While it was dry, there was a wind last night and a real “chill” in the air.

A group reflection finished up the event in the morning and a common theme that emerged from the participants was that their situation was fleeting…they knew they’d be up in the morning and back home to their safe, comfortable homes. Many remembered what one of the youth panelists said which was that the worst part of sleeping outside was the realization that he’d have to do the same thing over and over again, that there was no hope or alternative. This is what many of the sleepers were thinking about in the middle of the night.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all of the mothers and daughters who garnered support from their friends and family and braved a night outside to raise money and awareness for our young people.