Beatrix’s Toonie Party and a Gift to Help Homeless Youth

Today, we had a very special visitor drop by with a very special gift.

Beatrix recently turned seven. And at her birthday party, instead of asking her friends and family for gifts, she insisted on having a “Toonie Party.” What’s a Toonie Party, you ask? Well, it’s quite simple. When your guests arrive for the celebration, they donate a toonie into your toonie jar. After the party, you then pick a charity to donate all the funds to. It’s a really cool way to mix things up while at the same time helping out a cause you’re passionate about.

Beatrix's Toonie Jar

Not having an immediate charity in mind, Beatrix asked her mom, Jasmyne, for advice. All she knew was that she wanted to help kids who didn’t have families. Jasmyne explained that Covenant House exists to help homeless youth, and Beatrix knew we were the one!

Beatrix dropped off the jar containing $40 worth of toonies. We chatted with her for a bit and told her about what we do for the young women in our Crisis Program and about how, at our Drop-In Centre, kids are able to get some food and a quiet, safe place to rest.

Beatrix and family drop off her donation

After parting ways, we’re still so touched by Beatrix’s generosity. It’s amazing to see someone so young willing to give up the idea of birthday presents to give back to kids in need. Meeting her and receiving the jar full of toonies really made my day.

I know the young people in our care will be so happy to hear this story, too. It’s a reminder that they’re not alone. Even someone they haven’t met, a young, seven-year-old girl, believes in them and cares about them. Sometimes, that’s enough inspiration to keep you going on a tough day.