Ann finds the supportive care she needs

Ann has stayed with us many times in the past.  Like many of our youth, she has had a hard time figuring out what it is that keeps pulling her back to the street life.  To an outsider looking in, it is pretty apparent that she has had a serious drug problem.  When we first met Ann, she would not even talk about her drug use, stating that she “didn’t have a problem”, but with each new stay at Covenant House, we saw her move closer towards addressing the issue of her use.

During her most recent stay in our Crisis Program, she has made some incredible advances in recognizing why she uses drugs.  She has linked her usage to the fact that she is having an incredibly difficult time coping with a series of brutal incidents that have happened to her while living on the street.  Her focus this stay has been on finding long-term supportive housing.  She now recognizes that living on her own is not a safe option and wants to do whatever it takes to prevent her from falling back to the street.  This has been an amazing process to watch unfold.

Ann found a supportive housing program that works specifically with women who have suffered from abusive incidents.  I’m so glad that we have been able to help her along on her road to finding wellness.  Ann has a long road ahead of her yet, but seeing her today, so happy to be on a new path, I know that she’s moving in the right direction.