Amanda experiences the joy of Christmas…

Christmas can be a really hard time for some of our youth as they often don’t have family that they can spend time with around the holidays. Staff work really hard decorating and organizing outings and crafts that the youth can participate in. Amanda, a young lady who has been staying with us for a few months struggles a lot during Christmas. But she has really enjoyed participating in all the Christmas activities and crafts.

On Christmas Eve staff and youth decorated Christmas stockings that were hung on the DIY fireplace that Amanda helped to make. The youth and staff built a “fireplace” out of cardboard for the stockings since our Crisis Program does not have a real fireplace. After finishing her stocking and hanging it up, in hopes that Santa might come that night, she said to staff “This is a lot of work for one day! But its going to be the BEST day!”

Shared by Nicola, Youth Worker at our Crisis Program