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Something special happened at ROP…

I wanted to share something special that happened at Rights of Passage (ROP) recently.

Two youth heard that it was another resident’s birthday and they wanted to do somethings special for him. So, on Saturday they baked a birthday cake, decorated it with icing, and purchased candles and a Happy Birthday sign.

Various youth from ROP came together to decorate the roof top garden with a banner and balloons. Then on Saturday evening they invited all the ROP residents (current and some who have graduated and moved on from ROP) as well as staff to the rooftop to celebrate.

I could see the young man’s appreciation for their kind gesture and for making him feel a part of the ROP family. Afterwards they spent time together having snacks and playing card games.

These are the times and acts of kindness that show how amazing our residents at ROP can be to each other.

Shared by Raymond, Youth Worker at ROP

A special youth made birthday cake!