Why We Love Zero Ceiling!

Zero Ceiling believes that mountain experiences are powerful agents for change. All young people should get the chance to breathe mountain air, hear the scrape of a board on snow, feel earth below feet, and wind whooshing past their ears. They should also be given the chance to learn the value of working hard and to feel the pride that comes from building a self-supportive life.

Their purpose is to give youth fresh perspective: a glimpse of the vast and impressive natural world that exists out there, and the confidence and skills to know life has zero ceiling.

Each year, 375 young people aged 16-24 who are experiencing homelessness get to take part in one of Zero Ceilings Adventure Sessions. These day-long sessions are a chance to connect participants with the great outdoors and try out snowboarding, mountain biking, ziplining, or a tree-top course.

In the last 18 months 80 Covenant House youth have had the opportunity to participate in Zero Ceilings Adventure Sessions. Our young people have an amazing time and it can really change their perspective. You can read what our youth have to say on the Zero Ceiling blog.

We absolutely love working with Zero Ceiling and we thank them for providing young people with life changing experiences!