Samantha finds safety at Covenant House

Samantha arrived at Covenant House Vancouver’s Crisis Program a few months ago. She was previously living with her mother on the streets of Vancouver after being evicted from their SRO (Single Room Occupancy Unit). Samantha had taken on the caregiving role as her mother struggles with substance misuse and mental health concerns. Samantha’s mother could not maintain employment or provide a stable housing environment, so Samantha financially supported the family.  

Samantha fell into an unsafe marriage when she was far too young. Thankfully she managed to leave her partner and arrived at Covenant House seeking safety. At the beginning of her stay at Covenant House, she often talked of her mother and felt obligated to continue supporting her. Samantha was used to diverting her attention away from her own needs. Through the support of her Youth Workers and Case Manager, Samantha began to focus on herself and direct her efforts towards accomplishing her own goals.  

She found a job within a week of being with us and over time was able to save enough money to move out on her own. She attended an employment readiness program and was the only participant to show up every single day, and on time! Samantha has a smart head on her shoulders and doesn’t let the actions of others affect her goals and her reasons for seeking sanctuary with Covenant House. We are extremely proud of her and all her hard work.  

Shared by Youth Worker Jess