A youth worker brings comfort and confidence to youth with new hairstyles

One of my passions outside of being a youth worker is hair. I like styling hair, seeing how others do their hair and getting my hair done. One day a young woman living in our Crisis Program named Adele asked me if I would braid her hair. I enthusiastically agreed as I love helping others with their hair. Also helping a young person with their hair is a unique way to build a relationship with them.  
Soon I had a lineup of youth asking me to do their hair! The young women have told me they love having their hair done, and not having to worry about doing in themselves. Adele said she felt it was relaxing and comforting to have somebody do her hair and made her feel more confident.  
Now, every weekend I have youth come to me with a hair design in mind and leave with smiles on their faces after I am finished. It’s wonderful to be able to share my passion with the youth and make them feel good in the process.  

Shared by Youth Worker Cassandra