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“This is so great. Oh my gosh I can’t believe you gave me a sandwich”

During Street Outreach we were handing out sandwiches and other items like we always do and we ran into a youth on the street that we didn’t know. He said he had just got out of the hospital. He had his little patient bag with his belongings and a blanket wrapped around him.

He didn’t know who we were so we introduced ourselves and told him what Covenant House Vancouver could help him out with and what our services were and we offered him a sandwich. The funny thing was he was listening to all our services but as soon as we pulled out the sandwiches his eyes just lit up and he was like “you’re going to give me a sandwich?”

And we said yeah and we have other things to offer as well but all he could focus on was the sandwich. He ripped it open and he was eating enthusiastically and smacking away and he was like “This is so great. Oh my gosh I can’t believe you gave me a sandwich”.

There were crumbs flying out of his mouth and everything. It was a little comical and really touching to see how something so small can make somebody’s day a little brighter. Providing somebody with food is huge when they are hungry. People are appreciative and those moments can make a difference in somebody’s day and in somebody’s life.