Your gift will be doubled when you support youth like Reem

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We are so grateful for you…

The young people that you support may never get to meet you, but they know exactly what kind of person you are.  

You’re the kind of person who: 

…understands that growing up is hard, even in the best circumstances.  

…gives a home to youth who have never known one. 

…patiently teaches them to budget, grocery shop and pay the bills. 

…accepts LGBTQ2S+ youth as they are, when they have experienced rejection. 

…understands that creating art is a way to heal from trauma.  

…looks at youth experiencing homelessness, and sees resilience. 

…understands that sometimes, it takes a few tries. 

…believes that with the right support, each one of us can succeed. 

You provide a stable base, so that youth experiencing homelessness can reach for the stars and transform our world.  

Please know we so are grateful for you!