Alison discovers the true meaning of Christmas

We were sitting in the living room after lunch and one of the other youth workers asked if the youth wanted to decorate for Christmas. There was a lot of grumbling from the youth and one said that they were the Grinch. All the youth joined in, talking about how they do not like Christmas.

One of the youth, Alison, overheard this and told them that they were thinking about it wrong. She said that she used to think the same way about Christmas and that now she looks at it in a new way after coming to Covenant House Vancouver.
She said that instead of presents, she focuses on the people she is close to and the connection with them. Christmas is a time to see the people you are close to, spend time with them, and grow closer. While having this conversation she was looking at another youth who she had become friends with since coming here and there were tears in both of their eyes.

It was such a heartwarming experience for everyone who heard her speak. 

Shared by Ryley, Youth Worker at Crisis Program



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