Kindhearted Gennie makes an impact at our Crisis Program

Gennie stayed at Covenant House Vancouver in our Crisis Program for a period of three months and in that time, she achieved the goals she set out for herself. Gennie remained determined, motivated and positive during her stay even when she was struggling with her mental and emotional health. Her goals included finding independent housing, finding employment, upgrading her school credits to become a Registered Nurse and connecting with a counselor. Gennie utilized as many supports she could and she engaged in healthy activities at Covenant House and in the community.  

Gennie had a kind demeanor and she treated staff and her peers with respect. She was often observed smiling, laughing and making jokes. She would genuinely ask her peers how they were doing. She would sit with them, get to know them and she made sure everyone felt included. Gennie was aware she would put other people’s feelings before hers and she learned the importance of healthy boundaries and taking care of herself first. Gennie had a big heart and she was often witnessed encouraging her peers to keep trying, to keep dreaming and to keep fighting for their goals.   

Gennie eventually found a place to call her very own. She was happy to find this new home of hers, but she said she would have a difficult time leaving Covenant House. She was able to form strong relationships with staff and she shared they made a real impact on her life. The day she left there were tears in her eyes as well as some of the staff working. After she left one of her peers approached a Team Leader with a tearful eye and said it would not be the same without Gennie in the program.   

Gennie often visits Covenant House and reports she is doing well. She is persevering and intends on applying to nursing school soon.  We wish her the best of luck! 
Shared by Katherine, Team Leader