Celebrating Superbowl in the Crisis Program!

On Sunday it was the Superbowl. Every year in the Crisis Program we do a BBQ during the Superbowl. This year was no different.

The kitchen team set us up with burgers, popcorn, pasta salad, and pop. They were amazing in getting delicious double patty burgers, stacked with amazing sauces and condiments. We also made a trip to Costco and bought some hotdogs and made sure to fire them on the grill.

It started to rain, but several of the youth helped out in cutting, prepping, and grilling. It was an amazing time all around. When the halftime show rolled around, everyone in house were gathered around the screen singing to Shakira and J-lo. We had so much food that each youth were able to get 2nd, 3rd’s, and even 4th’s. 

Already looking forward to the next Superbowl.

Shared by Team Leader James