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Megan is finally safe and becoming optimistic about her future

Megan* was first referred to Covenant House Vancouver by Vancouver Rape Relief who she had contacted because she was in a living situation where she was exchanging sex for getting her rent paid. Megan wanted to end this arrangement but had nowhere to go and didn’t know what to do because she had ran from an abusive home-life.

Upon arriving at Covenant House, it was apparent that there were some language barriers as English was not Megan’s first language. Our Crisis Program team took their time explaining about the program and the services we could offer her. We made sure Megan was comfortable and also invited someone to help with translation. 

Megan took her time settling into the Crisis Program while slowly gaining excitement at the prospect of setting and achieving personal goals that included education, employment and finding housing. With the help of her Social Worker, Megan began exploring schools and applying to jobs. Despite her shy and quiet demeanor, Megan quickly secured employment. Shortly afterwards Megan was accepted into Rights Of Passage (ROP) which would provide her with affordable housing and support while she transition to living independently.

While awaiting her move into ROP, Megan’s shy and quiet personality began to fade and made way for a friendlier and more outgoing young lady. Megan spoke to her Youth Worker about how she was excited to be able to buy and cook her own food and do her own laundry. Megan shared longer-term goals of starting a career in childcare or maybe even as a doctor.

Finally safe, Megan, is now optimistic about her future and we wish her the very best!

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*Megan’s name has been changed for confidentiality but her story is real.