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Alice receives a message of good luck and guidance

I received a call from a team member at our Crisis Program who needed the Outreach Team’s help. Alice had been staying in our Crisis Program for a few days after fleeing an unsafe, and abusive situation.

Alice had been at a treatment centre for substance misuse and was eager to get back to it so she could continue with her healing.  Although she was ready to get back to treatment, she was anxious about it too.

I suggested going for a coffee and for something to eat before Alice went back into treatment as she would be confined to the centre for two weeks. Alice spoke about her past and how she was so grateful to receive help from the youth workers at Covenant House Vancouver.

When we arrived at the treatment centre, Alice spotted an eagle in the sky. She was ecstatic and stated that this was a message of good luck and guidance from the spirits.

I am thankful that the Outreach Team could drive Alice to treatment and that we were able to support her with her recovery journey.

Shared by Claire, Outreach Worker