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Becky receives help when she needs it most…

Late one evening I had the opportunity to meet a young woman named Becky. She had recently come to Vancouver with a partner that convinced her that he was her one true love. She was only 17 years old, she followed him, blinded by his promise of love. She left home, despite her parents desperate pleads for her to stay. Once she arrived in the city, she found herself caught in an abusive relationship with the man who’d taken her from her family.

Becky was overwhelmed with anxiety, she felt trapped, helpless, and alone. She was so far from her loving parents, and all she wanted to do was return home to them, but she didn’t know how. One frightful evening, Becky’s abusive partner became physical and struck her in the face, leaving her with a swollen eye.

That night, she made a brave decision, and ran away from her abuser. That was the first night I met Becky. When she called Covenant House Vancouver, she was frantic, crying, and scared. The Team Leader assured her we would do all that we could to bring her safely to our Crisis Program.

She did not stay with us long, as she was able to reconnect with her family. On the phone her parents cried and thanked us, emotional with relief for bringing her to safety. We helped her to purchase a one-way ticket for the bus ride home. On the morning she was set to travel home to her family, we helped her to gather her belongings and get them into just one small suite case, which was all that she was allowed to bring with her on the bus.

We worked together, sitting on her suitcase to press down all her belongings, just managing to seal the bag. I accompanied her to the bus station, and I handed her a lunch with two sandwiches, a banana, and sliced vegetable. Then I said my farewell and waved as she started her journey home.

Her parents called us when she arrived home safely, and they were so relieved to have her home. I am proud to be able to do my small part to ensure youth are cared for when they find themselves in crisis.

These moments have such a big impact for youth like Becky and I am so grateful we could help her when she needed it most.

Shared by a Youth Worker from our Crisis Program