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Humbling results at a donation drive for CHV!

Kristine is one of our kindhearted supporters and she recently held a Candy and Sweatshirt Donation Drive for Covenant House Vancouver.

Kristine loved the idea of youth being wrapped in a warm, brand new sweatshirt in the hopes that somehow they will know that someone is sending them a warm hug and best wishes.

She shared that Covenant House is often in her thoughts as her dearest grandma had the hugest heart and was a supporter of Covenant House.

Kristine shared that her fundraising journey not only connected her to her grandma’s memory but also allowed her to bear witness to the generous open hearts of her girlfriends.  

In just four days she raised $1000 to shop for sweatshirts and her children donated pounds and pounds of their candy. Kristine said it was also a wonderful opportunity to talk to her children about helping others.

We cannot thank Kristine, her children, and her girlfriends enough for wrapping youth in warmth and giving them a sweet treat too. Thank you so much Kristine!