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We had not seen Heather in months but when she needed help, she knew she could count on Covenant House!

Every young person that walks through our doors is met with unconditional love and absolute respect. Heather had not been at Covenant House Vancouver for about six months but when she needed support she knew she could turn to us.

Heather has a young child and has been working hard on her sobriety for the past year, with the goal of eventually gaining custody of her child.

One early morning, Heather came back to Covenant House’s Crisis Program after having an altercation with her boyfriend. She had been staying at a treatment centre however her boyfriend convinced her to leave early to come and live with him.

Over the holidays they got into an argument and their fight got so bad that she ended up leaving and having nowhere to go. Thankfully, she came to our door, she knew that Covenant House was a safe place to go in an emergency.

Only a few days later we were able to arrange with our Outreach Team for her to be driven to another treatment centre.

Heather’s situation is a great example of how both immediate needs and long-term goals are supported at Covenant House Vancouver.