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Become a Food Rescue Hero

There’s an African proverb that states that, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Along those lines, it takes a community to support homeless and at-risk street youth, in order for them to have hope-filled futures. Within the community at large, charities and non-profit organizations support and complement each other with services and resources that in turn, strengthen each organization and enable them to carry out their respective missions.

CHV works with a number of other charities, non-profits and community-based organizations, along with a host of businesses.

If you read our blog regularly, you will see special occasions, celebrations and holidays posted from time to time. Often you will see photos of the décor, but more times than not, you will see photos of the amazing food that youth enjoy. Have you ever thought about the logistics behind how the food finds its way to CHV? Today we are going to explore one of those ways.

I’d like to introduce you to a charity that is always on the go — literally!

Vancouver Food Runners (VFR) is a registered Canadian charity founded in 2019 by Tristan Jagger. Their goal: “Our aim is to prevent perfectly good food from entering the waste stream — where it will negatively harm our environment — and instead redirect it to nonprofits in Vancouver that work with the most vulnerable members of our community.”

VFR have done their leg work. It’s estimated that 40% of all food produced is wasted or lost. Not only is that food lost, but everything that went into producing that food is lost with it. Forty percent of waste in landfills is organic and as the organic waste decays, it gives off methane and other gases.

Meanwhile in BC, it is estimated that nearly 12% of households face food insecurity (the estimate is now around 14.6% due to the pandemic), which can lead to chronic health conditions.

How Does the Food Recovery Program Work?

VFR works with over 130 food donations partners and over 60 organizations that are in need of food (CHV being one of them).

Once there is a match between a food donor and a recipient, the VFR app alerts all nearby volunteers that there is a food rescue opportunity. A volunteer responds and picks up and delivers the food.

To date, VFR have kept over one million pounds of food from the landfill and brought it to those in need.

In March of 2020, VFR started with less than 10 volunteers. That number has grown quickly, as word spread. However, the demand has also increased. How can you help?

Vancouver Food Runners Call for Volunteers

Become a food rescue hero! It’s easy and volunteering with VFR is flexible. You can volunteer as little or as much as you would like. Food rescues are available seven days a week.

To learn more about how the food rescue program works, check out the short video below.

It’s easy to get started — download the Vancouver Food Runners app to find a food rescue and get started today!

CHV is grateful to work with VFR to help keep food where it belongs — on the tables of the most vulnerable in our community. Thank you for helping us support the nutritional needs of youth.