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Happy International Non-Binary People’s Day!

International Non-Binary People’s Day takes place on July 14th and is aimed at raising awareness and celebrating non-binary people around the world. This day was chosen for being exactly between International Men’s Day and International Women’s Day.

The Trevor Project has put together a guide to being an ally to transgender and non-binary youth and it is a fantastic resource both to learn how to support non-binary young people.

One simple way to be an ally for non-binary folks is to use preferred names and pronouns. Honoring a person’s name and pronouns shows respect and acknowledgment of their gender and identity. At Covenant House Vancouver our staff and young people have access to pronoun pins providing a quick and easy way to self-identify your preferred pronoun and visually showing folks that all are welcome at CHV.

We are proud to celebrate non-binary and genderqueer people today and every day!

Covenant House Vancouver Pronoun Pins.