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Diwali is a festival of lights that celebrates the triumph of light over dark and good over evil, and the resultant blessings of victory, freedom, and enlightenment. On the night of Diwali, candles and clay lamps are lit and placed throughout the home and in the street.

Diwali is celebrated on the day of the day of total darkness (new Moon). Fireworks are often set off on the night of Diwali. It is believed by some that the fireworks ward off evil spirits.

Another main theme of Diwali is family. Families gather to enjoy sweets and other special dishes prepared for that night.

Last week at CHV, youth celebrated Diwali with a dinner that included some of these special dishes.

In our decorated dining area, youth enjoyed a butter chicken dinner with naan bread, samosas, and Indian sweets. The samosas and sweets were donated by one of our facilities staff, who wanted to share her community’s celebration with everyone.

Here are some images taken of the amazing food that was enjoyed that evening.