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Extreme Weather Alert: Donations Being Matched to Help Bring Youth Inside Now!

As you know, we have been experiencing another series of freezing days and nights and now it’s snowing. These conditions can be absolutely life-threatening for young people who don’t have a safe and warm place to call home.

So, our Outreach teams are on the streets right now — trying to connect with as many young people as possible to ensure that they have a place to go to escape the freezing cold.

A very special anonymous family foundation knows when the weather is this bad we need to get young people inside immediately — which is why they have offered to match any donations made online up to $25,000!

We’re doing all we can to help the most vulnerable in our community, but your gift of any amount can help, too. You can be a source of sanctuary and safety for young people today.

Make a gift that will be put to work immediately to provide shelter, food, and clothing to young people faced with the dangers of homelessness.

Thank you for your unwavering support of the amazing young people in our community. It’s because of your generosity that Covenant House is able to be a source of relentless support, unconditional love, and absolute respect for those that need it the most when they need it the most.