What’s New Under Our Roof

A part of our holistic approach to care at Covenant House Vancouver is providing youth with the opportunity to engage in recreational pursuits and outings.  

Research shows that meaningful and accessible activities like sports and the arts can have significant impacts on youth development, providing an opportunity to build mental health, wellness, self-esteem and confidence, a sense of belonging, social interaction, and connectedness. These youth come from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances, and many have been impacted by various forms of trauma, affecting their ability to build healthy relationships and establish positive coping mechanisms. 

Fostering activities where they can feel safe, be engaged in something that interests them, and forget about the burdens they carry, is an incredible opportunity for them. Being able to provide experiences where they can let go of their stress and worries and just enjoy being a young person doing something fun is so such a special part of the Covenant House Vancouver experience. 

Our Youth Workers and Excursion Leaders spend a lot of time coordinating and curating activities based on the needs and interests of the group in our programs. Building interests and passions by participating in a variety of activities gives young people something to be excited about and reveals a glimpse of hope and towards a bright future and a life that awaits them as the work on themselves and towards a life of independence. 

Our youth have been very busy over the past couple of weeks; from movie nights, to tea time,  to games night, to jam sessions and treats, there is something for everyone.  Youth have been engaged and keeping very entertained with activities hosted by our incredible Youth Workers and volunteer Excursion Leaders. 

FlyOver Canada 
Tuesday Nights are a unique night when it comes to activities for youth in Crisis Program. We’re fortunate to have Excursions Volunteers to take youth out weekly on different adventures! Several youth, accompanied by volunteers, attended Fly Over Canada. As the weather was warm and lovely, the group walked together down to Canada Place and stopped for a small treat at McDonalds on the way back. The youth were appreciative of having an opportunity like this!  

Movie Night  
Youth Worker Kevin hosted an anime movie night to foster a place of belonging for our youth who are passionate and curious about anime films. Youth are able to bond with one another over their favorite movies, series, and short films. This activity is extra special as it allows youth to share their passions and interests with one another.   

Pride Floats
As June is Pride Month, Youth Worker Katie hosted an ice cream float night. This activity had a large turn out and fostered in-depth conversations and discussions on gender expression and sexuality. These types of activities allow youth from both our male and female identified floors to connect.    

Statues Game
After a delicious rib and rice dinner courtesy of the incredible kitchen staff, Youth Worker Orla hosted a game of statues in the gymnasium. This game is similar musical chairs and red-light green light, but instead of yelling red light green light, Youth Worker Orla plays music and pauses the music. Games like this allow youth to burn off energy, build relationships with their youth workers, as well as engage in some physical exercise.   

Music Jam Session
Youth Worker Matthew held a jam session for youth to drop into. These sessions give the youth the opportunity to participate in multiple ways and engage in music. Some youth enjoy being around live music, while for others it provides them an opportunity to share their music passions with their peers. With the multiple instruments we have in our wonderful music room, it provides an opportunity for all our youth to engage in whichever way they are comfortable. 

What’s in the Box Game
If you have ever seen Jimmy Fallon’s bluffing game on the Tonight show, you can only imagine the amount of fun and laughter the youth had participating and watching one another in the “What’s in the Box” game that Youth Worker Orla created. This was such a popular event with a huge turnout and the evening was booming with belly laughs and bonding.  

Tea with Kadee
Twice a week our Spiritual Care Coordinator Kadee holds space for youth to drop in with her for tea. This allows youth to connect with her and meet her outside of her usual support with spiritual, religious, and loss. This is a popular activity among the youth and a great opportunity to connect with Kadee as well as with each other in a relaxing and comfortable environment. 

Excursion Leader Volunteers

Looking to give back and get involved? All while spending time with incredible youth and attending fun events in the city? We are looking for Excursion Leaders to spend time with youth and take them various events around the city. If you are interested, email us at excursionvolunteers@covenanthousebc.org