Drag Workshops

Drag is an art form. Anyone can participate and perform in drag.

Most people are familiar with the series RuPaul’s Drag Race. Youth at CHV are no exception. Although interested in the art of drag, many youth felt somewhat intimidated by what they saw on Drag Race.

In an effort to make drag more accessible for interested youth in the Crisis Program, staff set about to host a series of drop-in workshops to demystify drag and to show how anyone can participate and make their drag expression their own.

Workshops ran from April through June and covered various aspects of drag. During one workshop, youth went to a nearby thrift store to select costume elements to be used for a drag look. During that workshop, the topic of makeup was discussed, and youth expressed an interest in learning makeup techniques.

Another workshop featured a staff member who was a drag performer with a disability. After introducing themselves and sharing aspects of their disability and where they have performed and advocated, youth asked a variety of very insightful questions. One youth identified themselves as having a disability and asked for suggestions of ways to perform with their specific disability. Towards the end of the session, a variety of photos were passed around that illustrated various looks and ways that youth could incorporate the art of drag into their lives.

The remainder of the workshops were a multiorganizational collaboration with CHV, Foundry, and Directions. Youth from those organizations were welcome to attend and the sessions were led by drag performer Eva Lasting. During these sessions, youth were shown various makeup techniques and were provided with makeup to use and keep. The workshop series culminated with a dance/performance day in CHV’s gym.

We hope to host more of these and other kinds of expressive workshops in the future. If you support and see the value of these workshops, until June 30th, your support will have double the impact, thanks to YVR. Any gift today to support youth will be doubled! If you can, donate today.