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Celebrating the Timeless Significance of National Indigenous Peoples Day  

As we reflect upon the recently celebrated National Indigenous Peoples Day, it is crucial to acknowledge that the importance of this day transcends June 20. While the specific day may have passed, the significance of recognizing and honoring the contributions, cultures, and resilience of Indigenous peoples remains ever-present. National Indigenous Peoples Day serves as a reminder to appreciate and learn from the rich heritage that Indigenous communities bring to our collective identity. For settlers, it is an opportunity for us to continue to listen, learn, and act.  
There were several ways that youth commemorated and celebrated the day. 
Through Food:  
Our incredible Kitchen Services team lovingly served salmon and bison burgers, both an ingredients representing sustenance, spirituality, and cultural identity for many Indigenous people.  

Many Indigenous communities regard bison as a vital source of sustenance, providing meat, hides for clothing and shelter, bones for tools, and sinew for thread. Beyond its practical uses, the bison is deeply woven into the spiritual and cultural fabric of Indigenous peoples. It represents a sacred relationship with the land and an understanding of the delicate balance between humans and nature. 
Salmon is a treasured and sacred for many Indigenous people. Indigenous communities have relied on the salmon’s annual migration as a vital food source, providing nourishment for individuals and entire communities. The harvesting, preparation, and sharing of salmon have become ceremonial practices, deeply rooted in cultural traditions and teachings.  

Through Conversation:  
Youth Workers engaged in meaningful conversations throughout the day with the youth around Indigenous People’s Day 

Through Community:  
Youth attended various events around the city celebrating and paying respect to the Indigenous people of Canada and engaging in traditional activities throughout the day. 

We hope, that as a larger community, we can continue to educate ourselves, engage with and support Indigenous organizations and groups. Here are some resources we have put together to foster learning and action toward becoming better allies and recognizing the Indigenous community’s resilience, strength, and brilliance, in the face of colonization.  

Red Women Rising that is dedicated to sharing and uplifting the narratives of surviving Indigenous voices in the downtown eastside and enhancing survivors’ access to domestic violence services  
Indigenous Watchdog which monitors and reports on how reconciliation is advancing on the critical issues that are impacting the Indigenous world including the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action.  

Learn about First Nations across Canada 
Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. has free ebooks by Read a book by an indigenous authors that you can read 

Follow the Vancouver Public Library for events with Indigenous Storyteller in Residence, Indigenous Authors and Poets. 

Take the free Indigenous Awareness course at BCIT. This course helps promote an increased understanding of Indigenous people and their place and space in Canada, past and present.  

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