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Celebrating Volunteer Appreciation Week with the Impact of Mentorship on Young Lives

From April 14 – 20, we’re celebrating National Volunteer Week by spotlighting and thanking all our diverse groups of volunteers. Time is right at the heart of this year’s theme – “Every Moment Matters.” It’s so true; every moment of time that someone gives up to work with the young people we serve is an amazing gift. It always makes such a positive difference. 

To kick off the week, Covenant House Vancouver wants to acknowledge and thank every single one of our volunteers this past year. Every single one of the moments that these incredible folk have dedicated to working for youth in need has mattered and made an enduring impact. THANK YOU!

Today our focus in on our thanking our amazing mentors and highlighting our incredible mentorship program. Last month our Mentorship Coordinator, Lisa Mendes, took some time on our podcast Under One Roof to speak about the invaluable role that mentors play in a young person’s life. She explained how mentors help guide and direct young people where they’d like to go. 

This could take the form of learning basics, like how to take a bus for someone new to the country, or where to buy groceries all the way through to guiding someone on how to qualify to be a paramedic. 

What matters most in each case is the relationship that each mentor builds with their mentee. That’s especially the case when so many of the young people we work with may never have had the chance to experience safe and trusting relationships in the past.  

That’s why the screening and matching process is so rigorous. It’s critical, so that Lisa and her team can ensure that each young person is matched with the perfect person. It’s what enables each mentee to achieve the goals they have set for themselves, which is why mentees are always sharing not only how satisfied they are with the experience but also how incredible their mentors are.  

The work is truly transformative – one of the many reasons why we celebrate International Mentoring Day every year! As Lisa herself acknowledges, “I love seeing the results of these relationships!”  

None of it would be possible if it weren’t for the mentors offering their time, experience and skills in the first place. So please from all of us at Covenant House Vancouver, and on behalf of every single young person who you have all mentored, THANK YOU!!! 

If you’d like to find out more about what mentoring involves as well as how rewarding it can be for both you and your mentee, tune into our podcast with Lisa and take a look at our blog piece from earlier this year for more details. If you’d like to volunteer some of your time, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out to us at