Celebrating Levi’s Support for Covenant House Vancouver!

At Covenant House Vancouver, we are incredibly grateful for the support of Levi’s. Their commitment to our mission and their generosity in supporting the youth we serve have made a significant impact.

This week, we are celebrating numerous gift-in-kind donors who have generously supported the youth we serve with their energy and kindness. Organizations like Levi’s play a pivotal role in our mission, and we deeply appreciate their contributions and unwavering support.

Why Levi’s Chose to Support Covenant House Vancouver
When asked why Levi’s decided to support Covenant House Vancouver, they shared:
“We have been supporting Covenant House Vancouver for over five years. Levi’s originally chose Covenant House Vancouver because our location’s community focus was based on supporting youth and young adults, and that is what you guys specialize in!”

Levi’s commitment to support youth aligns perfectly with Covenant House Vancouver’s mission, and highlights their dedication to community involvement and making a meaningful difference.

The Impact of Giving Back
Giving back has not only benefited the youth at Covenant House Vancouver but has also had a profound impact on Levi’s staff. They expressed:

“Giving back has made a HUGE impact within our team, as it has really brought out a different side of them. Their engagement and community views have totally shifted, and they are so passionate. They come to me with community initiative ideas now instead of only the other way around.”

This shift in perspective underscores Levi’s commitment to fostering a culture of compassion and community engagement among their team members.

Why Organizations Should Consider Covenant House Vancouver
Levi’s encourages other organizations to support Covenant House Vancouver, and emphasizes that:
“Organizations should consider donating to/working with Covenant House, as not only are they focused on such an important mission, they have such an amazing and passionate staff, which makes any process and donation that much easier. It has been a pleasure to contribute to them, as the work is making a real and tangible difference in the community, and they are very transparent with what the donations will be used for, which also makes you feel more connected to the youth you are helping.”

Their sentiment highlights the impactful work we engage in and our transparent approach.

A Heartfelt Thank You
Thank you, Levi’s, for your ongoing support and dedication to making Vancouver a better place for youth experiencing and overcoming homelessness and human trafficking. Your contributions help us continue to provide love, support, and hope to young people in need. Together, we are building a stronger, more compassionate community.

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Interested in giving back and helping to support and empower youth? Email us at: volunteer@covenanthousebc.org to learn more.