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Learn first-hand from current staff why they enjoy working at Covenant House Vancouver.

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“I have worked various jobs through my years and I can honestly say this was the first job I had where I actually looked forward to coming to work. That was because I felt that what we were trying to do with young men’s lives was important, beneficial and mostly because it had PURPOSE.”

“All my life I worked in corporate world, I have a great career but not as content where I am now. I believed I found my vocation in working with homeless, at-risk youth. I feel this is the most rewarding work I’ve ever done in my life. Can’t you tell? I am here for 8 years now and everyday feels like my first day at work.”

“I can honestly say that when I first joined on at CHV, it was because I needed a part-time Job while attending university—had to pay the bills. Within a very short amount of time, I fell in love with the culture of Covenant House and found myself seeking a permanent position. The genuine care for the youth of whom we provide service, but also for one another as member s of the CHV family is what has kept me invested in this agency. I thank my lucky stars on a regular basis that I work for such a great organization. It is an incredibly unique place to work; one with many unique opportunities for career development as well.”