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One hug made all the difference for Andrew...

Andrew spent his early childhood in many different foster homes. When he was in kindergarten he watched a woman, Sandy, walk several of his classmates to school every day and hug each one goodbye. Sandy was a daycare provider and these were the children in her care. One day Andrew asked her, “Are you the Mom to all these kids?”

Sandy explained that she was not, and that their parents had gone to work so she was in charge of taking them to school.

“Why do you hug them, then?” he asked. “So that they know they are loved and cared for, and so I can wish them a good day because their Moms and Dads couldn’t be here,” she explained.

Then Andrew asked, “Could you hug me?”

And she did, from that day on. Soon, Sandy discovered that Andrew was in foster care. She told her husband and older son about him many times. “My older son said, ‘Mum, you talk about him every day. He’s in foster care. Why don’t we adopt him?’” Sandy said. Andrew felt the same way: when Sandy asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he said it was to be adopted.

Sandy and her husband started the paperwork that December, and by the end of the kindergarten year, Andrew was their son. To say that Andrew is grateful that he found Sandy would be an understatement.  His gratitude is matched by his adoptive parents, Sandy and Mark, who feel  lucky and privileged to be his parents.

Andrew is 14 years old now, and he wants homeless youth to have the same chance at a happy life that he got. This past Fall Andrew wrote to us and said he would be collecting twoonies as a fundraiser for Covenant House. He told us he hoped it would make an impact – at that time we had no idea just how big an impact Andrew would soon make.

Andrew’s story and his fundraising efforts were shared by the media. The response from the community in support of Andrew and Covenant House was incredible. Andrew set up a fundraising page “Twoonies for Teens” and soon he had raised $1000 and so he raised his goal. As word of his story spread, he had to raise his goal and again and again. To date, Andrew has raised over $42,000 for homeless youth!

Andrew is a remarkable young man and we are truly inspired by his commitment to giving back and to helping other young people who are less fortunate.  A huge thank you to Andrew and his entire family for all they have done for the youth at Covenant House! 

Please donate today to help homeless young people feel cared for. 

Andrew and his mom Sandy


It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week!

April 23-29 is known as National Volunteer Appreciation Week and Covenant House Vancouver would like to send a big "Thank you" to all our Volunteers! This year’s theme is “Volunteering, Eh?” and this couldn’t be truer. Covenant House volunteers provide our youth and staff much needed support and we simply couldn’t provide the services we do without them.

Covenant House Vancouver Volunteers have:

-Donated 11,399 hours of their time last fiscal year (equivalent to 5 full time staff members)

-Thank-a-Thon volunteers helped us thank 13,000 donors this past fiscal year

-GIK volunteers helped sort thousands of pounds of clothing and household items

-We have had over 244 volunteers contribute their time to our Backpack Campaign this past Christmas

- Our youth Mentorship Program has made 25 Matches in total since the launch in November 2015

-At this time we have 134 regular volunteers

Covenant House Vancouver would like to take this opportunity to recognize all of you who volunteer with us whether it is just for one afternoon or year-round. You share your expertise, passion, life experience and patience as you help our youth to become independent adults and you truly provide Covenant House with strong roots.

We thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!

It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Thanking Maple Leaf Self Storage

 Maple Leaf Self Storage is a Canadian owned and operated self-storage company that provides businesses and families in BC and AB with affordable and effective solutions for their self-storage needs. 

Maple Leaf Self Storage donated Covenant House Vancouver a 12 month lease for a storage locker at their Wall Street location. Since we have limited space in our storage facility this donation will be a huge help to our Gifts-in-Kind program allowing us to store larger items that will assist our youth on their road to independence.

Thank you Maple Leaf Self Storage! 

Maple Leaf Self Storage Image

Sleep Out: Mothers Edition raising critical funds for homeless youth

On May 4th our Sleep Out: Mothers Edition will raise funds to support our  Street Outreach  program. Travelling on foot, Outreach Workers are often the "face" of Covenant House.  They offer food, counselling, minor medical attention. They take great care to build relationships with youth, and encourage them to come to our Crisis Program or Drop-In Centre.

It’s not about pretending to be homeless. It’s about moms showing young people that they are worthy of unconditional love and absolute respect, and proving that we care enough about them to be uncomfortable for one night; to be vulnerable, so they can be safe.

Click here to support a sleeper or donate directly to the event.

Donate to Sleep Out: Mothers Edition


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