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Car2Go Charity Challenge

Covenant House Vancouver is excited to share that we have been selected as one of the five finalist charities in the Car2Go Charity Challenge and are in the running to win $100,000 to support our Crisis Program!

Voting starts today and will be open to Car2Go members only until Monday December 15th at 4:00pm. Please take a moment to cast your vote in support of Covenant House Vancouver and help support the homeless and at-risk young people of Vancouver!

car 2 go contest


St. Helen's School Brings Cheer to Covenant House

Last Friday St. Helen’s School arrived at Covenant House with tons of items for our Christmas Backpacks! The students formed a human ladder and quickly unloaded shoe boxes filled with wonderful gifts for our young people. Thank you all for your hard work and generosity. 

A big thank you to all the students and staff from St. Helen’s for bring Christmas cheer to homeless youth in Vancouver! 

st. helen's students unloading presents 

gifts donated by students from st. helen's school  

group shot of st. helen's school  

Help Us Fill 275 Christmas Backpacks

This holiday season, 275 homeless youth ages 16-24 will receive backpacks full of gifts at our Annual Youth Christmas Party. Please help us give them the Christmas they deserve!

Top Needed Items for Christmas Backpacks (new only please):

most needed items of Christmas Backpacks  

Questions or for more information please contact:For more information and a complete list of what we need for our Christmas backpack program click here.

Amy Cotton 604-639-8937

A young man shows leadership as he takes a new resident under his wing

Youth in ROP demonstrate incredible strength, resiliency, and personal growth as they progress during their time here. One of the most amazing things to witness is when a long-time resident takes a new resident under his or her wing, and eases their transition into ROP by simply being there for them. As a youth worker, observing youth taking what they have learned about community and leadership and transforming it into meaningful connections with their peers is a truly wonderful experience.

Recently, a young man moved into ROP and he was a bit tentative and shy while he settled in. One day not long after, a co-resident approached me and asked if he could take the new resident on a bike ride. As an avid cyclist himself, he was eager to enjoy the sunshine and share this time with his new co-resident. As he helped “the new guy” be fitted for a helmet and bike, pack snacks and drinks, and show off his wheelie popping abilities, I couldn’t have been more proud of him.

He assured his co-resident that he would ride slowly so he could keep pace, although he usually rides like the wind. His awareness of his new friend’s needs, and the kindness and compassion he showed, was very inspiring. I waived to them both, and they were gone.

A few hours later, on their return, I pulled the youth aside and said that I was very proud of him for showing such great leadership. He was beaming, but shrugged it off nonchalantly saying “it was no big deal”. I told him that to the new resident, it was a very big deal, and sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest differences in people’s lives. He agreed, and just kept smiling.

This to me is what ROP is about. Helping youth to raise up not only themselves, but their peers, and inevitably the community around them. They are making the world a better place, one bike ride at a time.

leadership quote

Urban Barn Brings Cheer to Covenant House

This past Sunday employees from Urban Barn on Granville street spent time bring cheer to our Drop-In Program and setting up a gorgeous Christmas tree. Both youth and staff were delighted to come in on Monday morning and see a beautifully decorated tree in their space.

Urban Barn donated the decorations and their time to bring Christmas cheer to our youth and we are so grateful to them. Urban Barn has also donated all the blankets for our Christmas Backpack Program this year and the last 2 years as well.

Thank you Urban Barn and your wonderful team of elves!

urban barn volunteers setting up tree

urban barn staff decorating for Christmas

Christmas tree in CSS

Christmas tree in our drop-in

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