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I can't thank you guys enough...

Sharing two letters of thanks from our young people:

1. A  thank you  to our  volunteers  from a  youth.
youth letter thanking volunteers 

2. Sister Nancy Brown arrived at work the other day and found this lovely note taped to her door.  

Youth thank you letter

Our Program Management Team honours our dedicated volunteers

To all Friends and Staff of Covenant House,

In honour of National Volunteer Week, we would like to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of the volunteers at Covenant House. Our volunteers demonstrate what it means to have compassion, humanity, strength, and kindness every day. Their countless hours of dedication make our community brighter for those in need. Their actions foster a spirit of inclusion for those youth that feel alienated from their families, their friends, and their neighbors. Our volunteers are not just volunteering; they are repairing a social fabric that has been pulled apart. They understand the power of their collective actions, and remind us of the endless possibilities that come from working together. From coaching recreational activities to preparing meals for youth to collecting donations, they make Covenant House possible. Without them, we couldn’t provide the services we do. They are an integral part of our team and a cherished resource, and so we thank them for all their hard work.

Thank you, volunteers, for everything!

The Program Management Team

heartfelt thanks to our volunteers

A volunteer + a haircut = a dramatic effect on a young person’s life!

Josephine is a quiet girl, anxious and introverted. On this particular day in the Crisis Program we had a volunteer hairdresser coming in to cut youth's hair - a rare treat for many of the youth. When I asked Josephine if she was interested in getting her hair cut her eyes lit up and she smiled at me. She didn't say anything right away, but I could tell she was very excited about this opportunity.

A few seconds later Josephine said "that's great, it's been a while". Then the girly youth worker in me came out and I asked what type of haircut she had in mind. Josephine said she always dreamed of having a short bob. I encouraged her to go for it and try it out. Josephine and I then went on the computer and looked for hairstyles she liked. Together we printed out a small stack of ideas she had for her new haircut. She became more alive and more engaged than I'd ever seen her. She was giggling and searching through dozens of possible options. She finally settled on a picture and lined up for the hairdresser. Twenty minutes later she came out looking completely different. I could tell from her face that she was so excited.

It's amazing the effect one volunteer and one haircut can have on the life of a youth!


Sending a big "thank you" to our Volunteers for National Volunteer Appreciation Week!

April 12-18th is known as National Volunteer Appreciation Week and Covenant House Vancouver would like to send a big "Thank you" to all our Volunteers!  This week our blog will feature all things volunteer related including wonderful notes from our youth, a poem and other great volunteer experiences.

Covenant House Vancouver Volunteers have:

-Donated 10,917.5 hours of their time last fiscal year (equivalent to 6 full time staff members)
-Thank-a-Thon volunteers helped us thank 6812 donors this past fiscal year
-GIK volunteers helped sort thousands of pounds of clothing and household items
- We have had over 800 volunteer hours contributed to our Backpack campaign this past Christmas
-At this time we have 126 regular volunteers

Covenant House Vancouver would like to take this opportunity to recognize all of you who volunteer with us whether it be just for one afternoon or year-round. You share your expertise, passion, life experience and patience as you help our youth to become independent adults and we truly could not do it without you.

We thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!

Thank you to our volunteers! 

To learn more about volunteering with Covenant House Vancouver click here.  

“B.C. Youth's Mental Health” – excellent article from Vancouver Magazine

Vancouver Magazine recently published a very informative article focusing on mental health issues facing British Columbia’s youth.

The article features important statistics, what problems our young people are facing and what service providers are doing to meet the needs of these youth. Inner City Youth Mental Health Program and Covenant House Vancouver are both highlighted in the article for their work being done to help at-risk youth.

You can read the article written by Frances Bula here.

Steve Mathias photo by Carlo Ricci 
Steve Mathias from   Inner City Youth Mental Health Program
Photo by Carlo Ricci 

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