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Ed is ready to move forward after working hard in our Crisis Program

I’ve been one of “Ed’s” main youth workers for several months now. For the most part we have worked well together, however there have been times when Ed was so challenging that I would be utterly drained by our interactions. I’m happy to be able to say that as tough as these periods could be, we were still able to work effectively together, working through the difficulties. During the time that I have been working with Ed, it has been exciting to see all of the growth that he has displayed. Quite a number of people have commented that Ed is a changed young man, as of late.

As it stands right now, Ed is working full-time in steady employment and is preparing to exit our Crisis Program, as he has been accepted into independent accommodations. 

The last few weeks with Ed have been particularly pleasant; the difficult tasks have all been completed and we have been able to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. I find myself thinking of Ed’s upcoming move, realizing that I am really going to miss our daily interactions. I wonder sometimes if the youth we serve know how genuinely sad it can be to see them go, even though we are so proud of what they have achieved.

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Why do youth end up on the streets?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked at Covenant House Vancouver. There are many reasons why a young person may end up on the street but most of the time a young person flees to street believing it will be safer then where they currently are living. The list of hardships bestowed upon our youth read almost like a check-list of reasons why young people end up on the streets: 

1) physical, sexual and or/emotional abuse that leads to apprehension, then foster care;
2) re-abuse or lack of care once in foster care;
3) early exposure to drugs and/or alcohol;
4) interrupted education;
5) mental illness ranging from post-traumatic stress disorder to bi-polar or schizophrenia. 

The list goes on but these 5 elements are all too common amongst the young people we serve.

Our continuum of care provides a wide range of services to help young people heal from past wounds and develop the skills necessary to make it on their own. Like all young people our youth want to be loved and cared for in a safe environment where they can grow and develop into independent adults. Thanks to the support of people like you Covenant House Vancouver is able to be a safe haven for our youth.

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We need your help to fill 275 Christmas Backpacks!

Each holiday season, we provide all of our young people with a Christmas backpack filled with new clothing, toiletries and small gifts. We hope that you will consider supporting our backpack program this Christmas and make the holidays special for our Covenant House youth.

Ways to donate to the Christmas Backpack Program:

1. Contribute to our costs

It costs us $120 to fill a backpack with gifts! Donate this amount to our campaign and help us purchase one whole backpack for a youth in need!

2. Purchase a completed backpack

Order a completed backpack online through our partnership with Army and Navy and have them ship it directly to us! 

3. Include us in your holiday shopping

Click here for our complete list of backpack items! Take it with you on your holiday shopping trip and then drop off items at 575 Drake Street. Please call Amy to arrange a time for drop off at 604-639-8937.

4. Donate any new items from our list

Any new items are welcome and very helpful. Pick one or more items from our list and bring them to 575 Drake Street. Our holiday helpers will be building backpacks from the donated items. Every bit helps and is truly appreciated!

For further details click here and if you have questions please contact:

Amy Cotton

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