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Comedy Show Fundraiser in Support of CHV

Vancouver Diamond Campus Lions Club is hosting the 2nd Annual Covenant House Vancouver Fundraiser at
Yuk Yuk's on Friday March 28th at 10:30pm. Come out for 10:00 to grab a drink and a spot. We filled out quick last year!

Tickets are $20 each and proceeds will go to Covenant House Vancouver. Feel free to invite your friends, family, or anyone you think will enjoy a great show!

The feature comedian at the comedy show this year is: "Christopher Molineux...He has had over 20 years experience as a stand-up comedian performing at Just for Laughs and working with the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey and Ellen DeGeneres".

Last year this event was tons of fun, had lots of laughs and was able to raise $1000.00 for Covenant House!

Tickets can be purchased through members of the VDCLC through Facebook or Twitter.

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It was wonderful to witness the hope and optimism radiating from Anne

The first time I met Anne she wouldn’t or couldn’t even make eye contact with me. I was doing her intake and she had just arrived in BC from Alberta with her boyfriend. During the intake we ask questions to help us learn about the youth and how we can help them. Anne would just give one word answers and would talk very softly. Anne did not end up completing the intake or staying in the Crisis Shelter that night, she chose to leave. Often the decision to come to stay in our Shelter is an emotional one and sometimes the young person is not ready to take that step.

I am happy to say Anne returned a day later and was welcomed by another youth worker. About a month into her stay at the Shelter, I approached Anne at the kitchen table and asked her how she was doing. Anne looked up at me, making eye contact, and gave me a big smile and started to converse with me about her day. It is hard to believe that she was the same shy girl I had met a month ago. It was wonderful to witness the hope and optimism radiating from her and I look forward to seeing her grow even further.

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Allison experiences the joy of her first opera

Every once in a while we get the chance to take the youth in ROP on various outings.  A few months ago a donor generously donated some tickets to see the opera, “La Boheme”.  Allison, a young person I’ve been working with for a while, decided that she wanted to be part of the group that went with me to the opera. 

Allison’s life has been far from a fairy tale. Years of struggling with drugs and alcohol and abusive relationships had shattered her self-esteem to the point that she would constantly do things to harm herself.  She will often say to me that she doesn’t deserve anything good from people, so I was quite happy when she wanted to come to the opera with us.

As soon as we walked into the theatre, I could see her eyes glowing with excitement. Before the opera started, her and other youth went to see the orchestra. They then read the program over and over and took a lot of pictures. Her smile was priceless. She then decided to sit right beside me. 

During the intermission, Allison said to me in her very excited voice, “This is AMAZING! All the drama! It is like the Jersey Shore of the nineteenth century!”

As an opera lover myself, I would say that was the best review I have ever heard.  As simple as it sounds, it came from the heart of a homeless youth who had never been to the opera and was able to put all her struggles aside for at least one evening and enjoy herself.

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Community Dinner Creates Life Skills & Memories

Each month ROP holds a Community Dinner; these dinners allow our youth, staff and special guests to come together as a community. It also helps us teach our young people life skills such as cooking and the importance of eating healthy food.

For our February 5th Community Dinner the amazing meal consisted of spaghetti squash and a meat bolognas sauce. A total of five youth helped to prepare a meal for thirty people including youth, staff, guests and friends. The cooks choose to use spaghetti squash instead of regular noodles as it was a healthier option.

For the March 5th Community Dinner a homemade green coconut curry was made. The curry paste was made from scratch and it was delicious. The grocery shopping was done in nearby china town and the paste was made with authentic ingredients. A total of three youth were involved in the design and preparation of this meal and all those who ate it agreed it was genuinely restaurant quality.

If you are interested in checking out the recipes used for the bolognas sauce please click here and for the Thai Curry click here.

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