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Porte Realty supports ROP through our Give a Day, Build a Life campaign

Each year, Porte Realty reaches out to lend helping hands to support the communities in which they create and manage. Porte Realty sets aside a portion of their earnings each year to support charitable causes in our community. Kerry, Daniel, Jenny, Madi & Brandi from Porte Realty came in to tour Covenant House and learn more about programs that help youth exit life on the street and progress towards lasting independence. This fall, Porte Realty staff have elected to support the dedicated youth in Rights of Passage- the transitional supportive housing program at Covenant House. They offered an outstanding gift of $5,926 to the Give a Day, Build a Life campaign – where their gift will be matched – and will provide almost two full days of care for youth in ROP.

We would like to recognize Porte Realty for their inspiring commitment to our community and thank them for their generous gift to kick start the Give a Day, Build a Life campaign. To learn more about Porte Realty, please visit their website here.

To learn more about how you can support the dedicated young people in Rights of Passage through the Give a Day, Build a Life campaign, please click here or contact Jessica or Abbie at (604) 638-4438. 

picture of porte realty at covenant house  

Last day to share a recipe with our young people

It’s a joy learning to cook

So please share a recipe from your book.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner from you

appetizer, dessert, or fondue

When our youth cook they will think of you!

Last chance to share a recipe with our youth.
We are creating a cookbook so when our youth head out on their own they will know they are supported and loved by their Covenant House family. Please share a recipe and show your love today!

share a recipe show your love 

Start making a difference in lives of our youth today with a personal fundraising page

Want to rally friends, family and coworkers to help end homelessness one young person at a time? Our personal fundraising page gives you tools to build your own web page, send emails, set fundraising goals, collect donations and acknowledge your supporters. You can set up an engaging page for yourself or a community group to track your fundraising progress, engage your community and share your events using social media. United with your friends and family you can make a huge difference in the lives of Vancouver’s street youth.

To learn more about our Personal Fundraising Page Program click here.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email:

Mark Savard
Development Officer - Community Giving

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Ann finds the supportive care she needs

Ann has stayed with us many times in the past.  Like many of our youth, she has had a hard time figuring out what it is that keeps pulling her back to the street life.  To an outsider looking in, it is pretty apparent that she has had a serious drug problem.  When we first met Ann, she would not even talk about her drug use, stating that she “didn’t have a problem”, but with each new stay at Covenant House, we saw her move closer towards addressing the issue of her use.

During her most recent stay, she has made some incredible advances in recognizing why she uses drugs.  She has linked her usage to the fact that she is having an incredibly difficult time coping with a series of brutal incidents that have happened to her while living on the street.  Her focus this stay has been on finding long-term supportive housing.  She now recognizes that living on her own is not a safe option and wants to do whatever it takes to prevent her from falling back to the street.  This has been an amazing process to watch unfold.

Ann found a supportive housing program that works specifically with women who have suffered from abusive incidents.  I’m so glad that we have been able to help her along on her road to finding wellness.  Ann has a long road ahead of her yet, but seeing her today, so happy to be on a new path, I know that she’s going to be OK.

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