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Keeping our youth safe & cool in the summer heat

When we think of homeless people and weather we generally worry about it being too cold not too hot but summer weather can have a negative impact on the homeless as well. Homeless people often lack places to get fresh water and areas to stay cool. At Covenant House Vancouver we prepare for the heat and make sure our youth that are living outside have proper supplies. We provide water bottles and water, sunscreen, cool clothing and remind them to take it easy and seek shade when it is hot.

If you want to help homeless youth this summer here are a few things we always need: reusable water bottles*, sunscreen, bathing suites, flip flops and summer clothing. If you have questions about donating please email or call Amy  at  or 604-639-8937.

Also when you are out and about this summer keep an eye on all people and check in with them if they are looking ill.  When we work together as a community we can all have a happy, fun and safe summer!

*This item is especially needed*picture of a water bottle

John transforms from an anxious young man to a leader

John ran away from home when he was 14. We don’t much about what his life was like at home but our staff suspect there was sexual abuse and neglect. He was home schooled and lived his life in isolation.  Lacking even the most basic socialization skills, when John first came to us, he would tremble with anxiety when forced together with others in an elevator or around the dining table. John has had many hurdles to climb and his journey has been inspiring to watch unfold.

John stayed in our Crisis Program for 6 months and while there began working on completing his high school education. A natural computer whiz, John secured a job with a large computer company from the States. With no drug or alcohol abuse issues, we were able to help John focus on his two biggest areas of opportunity:
1) Addressing his chronic depression and anxiety
2) Learning how to interact socially with others

Eventually John moved to Rights of Passage (ROP), our transitional living program, where we continued to work with him on his depression and social skills. He earned a unique opportunity to travel with a humanitarian group where he would be camping and living with other youth for a few days.  Never having camped before, John researched by watching old television shows and noticed that the common denominator in camping is someone playing guitar by the fire. We got one of our volunteers to give him some lessons on a donated guitar and he practiced hard. Even though his guitar was lost by the airline on the way, the humanitarian organization had an extra and he led the nightly campfire sing-a-longs.

John has come a long way in the year that he has been at Covenant House Vancouver. Gone is the John who could barely look up when speaking and arriving is a more confident, gainfully employed young man with a bright future in computer engineering. 

Congratulations to him for all his hard work!  

Picture of a young man

You can help youth just like John have a bright future, donate today and your donation will be matched dollar for dollar. 

We thanked almost 10,000 donors with our Thank-a-Thon’s!

Each year in the Fall and Spring volunteers reach out to our donors and say thank you through our Thank-a-Thon program. This year our volunteers which are a mixture of school & community groups, corporations and individuals called close to 10,000 donors and thanked them.

Because we are primarily privately funded, it is important for us to be able to reach our donors and thank them personally for the difference they make in our young peoples’ lives. Our Thank-a-Thon program is so important to us and we want to take the time now to say thank you to all the volunteers that make this program possible.

Congratulations on a wonderful year of Thank-a-Thons and a big thank you for your support!

To learn more about volunteering for our Thank-a-Thons click here.

 Thank you

Healthy weekend fun for our young people

Our young people had a great and healthy weekend. Saturday was an amazing hiking trip to Eagle Bluffs in West Vancouver. Our youth worked hard and were rewarded with a fantastic view.

Sunday was rock climbing fun at The Hive in Vancouver. We want to thank The Hive for providing a discount and making this outing more affordable for us.

Pictures from hikes and climbing with youth

Our young people at ROP created a delicious brunch this past weekend as well. 

ROP youth brunch picture.  

Recreation outings & creating amazing meals are more than just fun, they also help teach our youth important skills and show our youth that you do not need alcohol or drugs to have fun.


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