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Free Match Girl performance in support of Covenant House

Stone's Throw Producitons is partnering with Rebel Haunt Theatre to explore Hans Christian Anderson's classic and heart wrenching children’s classic "The Little Match Girl" in a site-specific, outdoor performance.  This 20 minute performance begins in Pacific Theatre's lobby and tours around the building. Please dress for the weather.  Admission is free.

They will be  accepting donations of warm clothes for Covenant House Vancouver at these performances and throughout the run of A Christmas Carol: On the Air.   Last perfromance is  December18th at 7:25pm (before performances of A Christmas Carol: On the Air).  No ticket reservation needed, just show up at 7:20pm.

Learn more about Match Girl and  A Christmas Carol: On the Air.

Match Girl Play Image


Intact Foundation – Helping us to Transition our Youth to a Home

We are extremely fortunate to have received support from the Intact Foundation for our Independent Living Program!
Youth who are homeless in Vancouver face significant barriers in finding housing, including the low amount of rental accommodation in the city, the high price of this type of housing and a lack of life skills with which they can obtain and retain housing.  The Independent Living Program helps our youth to bridge these gaps by building community relationships to increase access to affordable housing options and teaching life skills so they can manage relationships with landlords, cook and clean in their apartments, and self-advocate based on their rights as tenants.
The Intact Foundation has been a valued supporter of Covenant House since 2003. Over the years, they have made a tremendous difference to our youth, enabling them to take those first critical steps in getting off of the streets.
Since Intact Foundation's inception in 2003, approximately $4 million per year have been donated to support programs and initiatives that help make our communities a better place to work and live. Intact invests in community programs run by registered charitable organizations in Canada that reflect their mandate and their two focus areas: at-risk youth and climate change adaptation.
A big thank you to the Intact Foundation for helping us make a difference in hundreds of young lives!

Thank you to Intact Foundation 

Congratulations to WhiteWater on being recognized as a Leading BC Manufacturer

Mike Heaven, WhiteWater COO, represented Geoff Chutter, our new Finance, Development & Communications Committee Chair recently, collecting the Leadership Award at the Export Awards of British Columbia.

“We are very proud of both of these awards recognizing our export leadership” said Mike Heaven “they celebrate the talents of the diverse team we’ve built and our outward looking culture which helps us embrace new opportunities wherever they are located”

We are sending our congratulations to everyone at WhiteWater on this achievement. 

 Michael Heaven, COO of WhiteWater West Industries (right), accepts the Manufactured Products Award, presented by Peter Veerman, manufacturing leader for south coastal B.C., Grant Thornton
Michael Heaven, COO of WhiteWater West Industries (right), accepts the Manufactured Products Award, presented by Peter Veerman, manufacturing leader for south coastal B.C., Grant Thornton

A talented young lady helps other youth craft Christmas presents

It is almost Christmas time and our staff have organized many activities (both in and out of house) for youth to participate in. On this particular evening staff had planned an arts and crafts evening, and youth were encouraged to make presents to give to their friends and family for Christmas. Staff purchased all the supplies for making a scented bath soak, jewelry boxes and picture frames. After setting up all the supplies, staff went around the Crisis Program recruiting youth to participate.

Doing crafts is not for everyone and it was difficult to find willing participants. One female youth said she was interested in doing crafts and started sorting through the supplies. As it turns out, she was incredibly gifted at art and started making gorgeous and very detailed crafts. As she was working away other youth started to look at what she was making and asked her questions about her project. She encouraged the other youth to participate in the project and even helped them to get started on their gifts.

Before we knew it there were 6 or 7 youth gathered around a table, glue-guns and paint-brushes in hands. At the end of evening, all the youth involved had creative and unique presents to give to their loved ones over Christmas. This project gave the youth an opportunity to give presents during a time when many of them did not have the funds to do so otherwise.

 Image of girl crafting

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