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Walter waltzes in for a visit!

Walter, our therapy dog, is still hard at work here at Covenant House Vancouver. Each day he assists Jesse, our Mental Health Clinician as he meets with our young people. Besides the general soothing effect a dog can have on someone who is stressed, therapy dogs provide a welcome distraction for people whose therapy session may be getting intense or uncomfortable. Walter also provides hugs and kisses something many of our youth have gone without their whole lives.

We hope you enjoy these pictures of Walter and that they brighten your day.

walter image

walter with his friends

picture of walter sleeping

walter our therapy dog out for a walk

Catherine works hard to learn a new routine

Many of the young people we see have trouble waking up early and Catherine was no exception. She recently got a new job, but this job required her to be at work by 7am. Unfortunately, she only managed to show up for one shift out of three.

Her employer asked her if she was really prepared to have this job. Catherine was able to negotiate with her boss to re-schedule her to evening shifts only but her boss still needed her to be able to cover some mornings as well. Her employer informed her that if she managed to get in the routine of waking up early, they would be happy to hire her again. Catherine decided that she was going to work hard on waking up early.

I chatted with Catherine about it and she was psyched on challenging herself. She usually wakes up at about 1 or 2pm.  She wanted to wake up and be ready for the day by 10am. I suggested she be reasonable with her expectations, but she thought that she could be up and ready by then. The next day, she was up and ready by 11am, but was embarrassed about it. I encouraged her and told her that that it was an excellent attempt. On a daily basis since then, she has kept discussing her progress with her wake ups.

Although this is just a simple task for you and I, it is very difficult for our youth. This simple goal of changing her routine is a challenge that she enjoys and I am more than happy to support her.

image of alarm clock


3 Days Until KickOff Vancouver World Cup 2014

KickOff Canada is a registered non-profit organization that hosts soccer events throughout our city raising money for various charities. It was started by 5 individuals that have witnessed the impact of soccer in impoverished communities around the world. They have seen the power soccer has and KickOff’s aim is to use the sport as their platform to assist charities and communities that are in need of assistance and bring awareness to the amazing work they are doing.

At 11:00 am on June 7th at Andy Livingstone Park, 16 teams from all around Vancouver will represent 16 countries and battle it out in a 7-a-side charity tournament. The three charities that are benefitting from this event are Covenant House Vancouver, Blind Beginnings and One World Futbol.

To learn more about KickOff Canada click here and be sure to head down to Andy Livingstone Park on June 7th to cheer the teams on!

kickoff world cup

Team Covenant House Wins Canada Street Soccer Cup 2014

Over the course of May 28th-May 31st, the long awaited Canada Street Soccer Cup was held at Kinsmen Field in North Vancouver. While street soccer teams frequently come together for local, regional, and provincial tournaments, this is the first national tournament where teams from across Canada were represented.

By all accounts the tournament was a roaring success and a great time was had by all. Not to brag but we are happy to announce that team “Covenant House” won the tournament! Congratulations to all involved on a wonderful event filled with fun, friendship and fair play!

Please check out this note sent from Steve a volunteer who not only volunteers his time with us but Vancouver Street Soccer League as well.

“Ten Covenant House youth participated in this three day event in North Vancouver last week. The winning team was named Covenant House and had a nucleus of our young people. The trophy was presented at the banquet after the tournament and now resides at Drake.

The Covenant House youth were a credit to us all. As well as competing hard and skillfully during the games, they showed exemplary behavior and a positive attitude throughout. These are role models as well a terrific young people. We should be very proud of them - they are great ambassadors for Covenant House.


canada street soccer cup trophy

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