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“It’s so cheap!” - John learns how to save money while grocery shopping

I had been trying to get some of our youth to shop in Chinatown or Sunrise Market, but they considered the walk there too far. They preferred to get take out from somewhere close by and if they felt like cooking they would shop at the corner store or at Nesters Market which is about two blocks away.

But persistence paid off when John finally agreed to go with me to Sunrise Market! Before we left, John said that he only had about $17. I told him not to worry. We’ll see what we can get.

When we got to the market, John looked lost. There were so many vegetables he had not seen before. I explained to him what most vegetables were and that most of them were used in Chinese cooking. We had a look at some of the items which he was more familiar with. He took a bag of baby carrots which he said was cheaper than the ones at the regular grocery chains. He also picked out some broccoli. He wanted rice too so I helped him pick out a bag. He also bought about 1 kilogram of ground beef.

At the cashier, he was nervous not knowing what the total will be. He was worried that he didn’t have enough money. The cashier then informed him that the total was $7.25. It was priceless to see his facial expression change from nervousness to surprise. He immediately turned to me mouthing his words to me “It’s so cheap!” He gladly parted with his money.

While walking back to ROP, he kept expressing how shocked he was & that needless to say, he’s going to return to do his grocery shopping at Sunrise Market. He said “With this purchase, I could eat it for 3 meals at least!”

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Multilaw supports Covenant House

Very special thanks to Multilaw for their recent donation of $10,263.43. Multilaw recently held their conference in Vancouver and the hosting firm, Miller Thompson, chose Covenant House Vancouver as the recipient local charity for the Billable Hour Project.    Our Executive Director, Krista Thompson, was invited to speak at the conference to talk about Covenant House and the young people we serve. 

Multilaw was founded in 1990 on the premise that a number of carefully selected independent law firms can work together to fulfil clients’ international needs. Today, it has over 8,000 lawyers in over 150 commercial centres throughout the world. Their mission is to help their members provide the best service possible to clients — everywhere, every day.

Thank you to all of the lawyers who donated to us at the Multilaw Conference.

Last chance to have to have your donation matched!

Make a donation to Covenant House Vancouver before midnight tonight and your donation will be matched dollar for dollar by The Robert L. Conconi Foundation!

With this matching gift challenge, you can help save twice as many of Vancouver’s homeless youth from the streets. Seize this special opportunity.

Bob believes, “Each of us has a responsibility in life to leave this world a better place than we found it…” and the Conconi Covenant House Challenge is a way to make the world a better place.

Please donate today to help us meet our $150,000 goal by tonight!

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Over 18,000 Thank-a-Thon Calls Completed!

Each year in the Fall and Spring volunteers reach out to our donors and say thank you through our Thank-a-Thon program. This year our volunteers which are a mixture of school & community groups, corporations and individuals called over 18,000 donors and thanked them.

Because we are primarily privately funded, it is important for us to be able to reach our donors and thank them personally for the difference they make in our young peoples’ lives. Our Thank-a-Thon program is so important to us and we want to take the time now to say thank you to all the volunteers that make this program possible.

Congratulations on a wonderful year of Thank-a-Thons and a big thank you for your support!

To learn more about volunteering for our Thank-a-Thons click here.

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Sara follows her heart and it leads her to independence

Today I was called to the front desk as there was a youth who wanted to say hello. When I opened the door I was pleasantly surprised to see Sara standing there. It had been about a month since I had seen her and it had been several months since she had stayed in the Shelter. Sara smiled and said hello as I greeted her.  She looked really healthy and happy.

We chatted about what she was doing. She updated me that she still had her job at the coffee shop and had been working there for over 6 months an all-time record for Sara. She went on to talk about how she was still living with her boyfriend and had just spent some time with his family.  When Sara left the Shelter months ago, many staff (including myself) thought that Sara once again, was repeating old behaviours that were going to end in Sara returning to our Shelter even more confused and lost. But we were wrong. Sara was doing really well…probably the best I had ever seen her do.

She was more independent, working, and accomplishing her goals. Her mental health seemed more stable and she was talking about her future plans to go to school. As I spoke to Sara I couldn’t have felt more happy and proud of her accomplishment and I let her know this. She didn’t seemed surprised that I felt this way but smiled kind of bashfully all the same as she thanked me for my observations. Nearing the end of the conversation Sara asked if she could share a few things with me. I said of course and she showed me a beautiful rose tattoo on her forearm. This was very symbolic for Sara and she had waited a long time to have it done so I knew how proud she was to show it to me. Sara also shared a picture of her new pet chinchilla with me and gushed over her pet as she described his “chinchilla ways”.

After Sara left I thought of how far she had come. The goals she had set and reached for herself and I wondered where her life would take her next. Whatever she did I did know one thing Sara would do what was right for her and what would make her happy. Which is all one could really wish for her.

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