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12th Annual Homelessness Radio Marathon

Tomorrow February 26, 2014 marks the 12th Annual Homelessness Radio Marathon. It is a 14 hour consciousness-raising live radio broadcast, hosted from the streets usually starting from 5pm till 7am the next morning. They broadcast live, moving from station to station across the country, with spoken word, fiery discussion, conversation, music, stories, and open mic, with the intention of sparking a national dialogue on homelessness and poverty. If you want to participate in this year’s discussion you can call toll free: 1-866-594-7729.

To learn more about this event click here and for the list of radio stations participating click here.

homelessness radio marathon 2014

Marvin develops a healthy bed time routine

Often we have young people staying at the Crisis Shelter that really struggle with sleep. Marvin developed a habit of coming to the staff office close to bedtime to have a chat in order to relax before bed.

We would talk about theatre, TV and film for about 10 minutes every single night. He would have me play one song on the computer by the band “Bedouin Soundclash” before retiring to his room. Part of our work here is role modeling and helping the youth develop healthy routines. He came up with this one on his own though and it worked well for him. He now has his own apartment and I think it is pretty likely he has continued some version of this bedtime routine.

Sweet dreams Marvin!

Anti-Bullying Pink Shirt Day is Next Week

Bullying continues to be a major concern in schools, workplaces and over the internet and it is important to continue raising awareness around this issue.  Anti-Bullying Pink Shirt Day is happening on Wednesday February 26, 2014;  be sure to wear pink to symbolize that we as a society will not tolerate bullying anytime or anywhere.

Check back on February 26, 2014 to see pictures of the CHV team wearing pink in support of this anti-bullying movement.

To learn more about Pink Shirt Day click here.

Pink Shirt Day is coming up

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