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Thanking Choices Market for supporting a youth with special food needs

A young person we work with has some special requirements around food, not only do they have diabetes but they have a severe gluten allergy as well. We reached out to Choices Market in Yaletown and they came through for us in a big way. They were able to provide us with huge box filled with gluten free, low sugar and fresh food items. Buying food when you are just starting out is tough enough but having to do so with special requirements is even more expensive. Their support has helped this young person in a very big way and we can’t thank them enough.

Thank you Choices Yaletown!

Thank you Choices Yaletown! 

Thanking Canucks Sports and Entertainment for providing incredible experiences for our youth

Recently Canucks Sports and Entertainment donated box seats (enough for all of ROP to go) for the Black Sabbath show at Rogers’s Arena and then sadly the show was postponed. Canucks Sports and Entertainment felt bad even though it was no fault of their own and provided us with a different outing at a Canucks game, which our young people had an amazing time at.

Then when the Black Sabbath show was rescheduled they again arranged for ROP to attend in box seats, our young people had an incredible time and a night they won’t soon forget.

Check out some quotes from our youth:

“Thank you for an amazing night and memories that will impact me forever.”

“Awesome show, Ozzy the legend and the crew! Thanks a mil!”

“Thank you for giving our youth a night to remember!” – Chelsea, Manager at ROP

Thank you Canucks Sports and Entertainment for your ongoing support and giving our youth the opportunity to experience these amazing events. 

Pictures and thank you's from Black Sabbath show 

Big news our first Sleep Out: Mothers Edition is coming soon!

Cold, hungry and alone. The reality of sleeping on the streets is harsh and unforgiving. Many of the youth who make their way through our doors have had to endure cruel life circumstances on the unforgiving streets before they finally find hope here at Covenant House Vancouver. We welcome them unconditionally, helping them begin their journey to leave life on the streets behind them for good.

On May, 5th 2016 we are challenging mothers to spend one night sleeping on the street, with just a sleeping bag and piece of cardboard. But it’s not about pretending to be homeless. It’s about showing a group of young people that they are worthy of unconditional love and absolute respect, and proving that we care enough about them to be uncomfortable for one night; to be vulnerable so they can be safe. The Sleep Out Movement is an opportunity for us to come together, to make an immediate and lasting impact on the homeless young people who receive support from Covenant House.

To learn more about Sleep Out: Mothers Edition or to support a participant click here

Sleep Out: Mothers Edition  

Top Needed Gift In Kind Items



-men’s hoodies

-men’s jeans

-men’s larger size skate shoes and runners

-men’s rain jackets

-construction gear

-men’s shoes

To learn more about donating items to Covenant House Vancouver click here or if you have questions please call 604-638-4438. 

Running shoe image 

Rocket Fuel