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Happy Halloween from Covenant House Vancouver

Wishing everyone a very fun and safe Halloween! Check out some great pictures from around Covenant House Vancouver including decorations, costumes and youth made pumpkins.  BOO!


Halloween decorastions

CHV staff dressed up for Halloween

cat pumpkin

Halloween fun in D/C

Happy Halloween sign 


Attention high school teachers, students and parents - here’s an exciting way to take a stand against youth homelessness!

Sleep Out:  Student Edition  is an engaging way to show students a glimpse of what their life would be like if  they    were homeless by  sleeping out for one night  on school property without the comforts of home.  Sleeping out provides high school-age students with an opportunity to understand homelessness on a personal level through a relatable experience sleeping out “on the street”.

  • Covenant House provides teachers & students with resources to help students learn about homelessness   in our community
  • Students have a  personal online fundraising page  hosted by Covenant House
  • Covenant House will visit the school   to speak with “sleepers” about homelessness, the sleep out and the fundraising component (each student is encouraged to fundraise $200)
  • A great opportunity for  students in classes focused on social justice  or school clubs focused on   community engagement

We know how much students can accomplish, and how passionate they are about helping those in need. If you know high school-age students (or student groups) that would be interested in Sleep Out: Student Edition, please contact:

Mark Savard
Development Officer – Community Giving
Covenant House Vancouver
Tel 604-639-8922

Sleep Out Student Editon 

Welcome to the team Numa!

Let’s face it.  We all need a hug sometimes. And at Covenant House Vancouver, Numa is more than willing to oblige.  Numa is a St. John’s Ambulance Certified Therapy Dog who accompanies her owner on her shifts in our Crisis Program. She offers her fuzzy cuddles and adoring gaze to anyone who needs it (full confession: even some of us staff have fallen prey to her high quality cuddling skills)!

She’s a big, brown, bundle of love and demands nothing in return for her service.  She has no expectations, just shows up and does the job that all of us hope to do here at Covenant House – provide unconditional love to someone who needs it.  Recently she offered her services to a young woman who was nervous about an appointment. Numa walked with her to her appointment and gave her much needed snuggles which really helped calm the young lady.

Thanks for your service, Numa, and for reminding us that sometimes love is as easy as reaching out your paw. 

Picture of Numa our new Therapy Dog 

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