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Alexandra's strength & confidence grows daily

Alexandra just finished her first stay at Covenant House in our Crisis Program. When Alexandra was assigned to my list of youth, I prepared for some struggles. The shelter structure can be overwhelming, not only for newcomers but also those who have stayed with us multiple times.

Alexandra arrived at Covenant House after a recent relapse. Her family had cut financial and emotional support. Alexandra was understandably fragile and highly emotional. Alexandra was connected with a lot of resources prior to coming to us, and I wondered how Covenant House would fit into her support network given that she had never accessed our services before. What happened over the next two weeks for Alexandra was amazing to see.

Alexandra was able to engage in all the community supports available to her with impressive commitment and motivation. As she did this, she utilized our resources to provide her with day to day encouragement, food, clothing, and a safe space to stay as she focused on her sobriety and successfully obtained a bed in a treatment facility.  The last shift I worked with Alexandra during her stay I could hear her having encouraging conversations with youth about their days, and she motivated a small group to engage in an art activity which at times can be a challenge even for our staff here. The future for Alexandra remains uncertain; but seeing her strength and her confidence grow day by day was a great experience for me to share in as her worker.  

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Have a great BC Day Long Weekend

Our office will be closed on Monday August 3rd   for BC Day.

If you are a youth in need of help over the long weekend please call toll free 1-877-685-7474 and one of our youth workers can assist you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy BC Day

"Nothing can stop him now!"

I love working at front desk at Covenant House Vancouver. I get to see some very inspiring things. I was working at our Drake Street reception one day about 3 and a half months ago when a young man entered, he looked exhausted, yet relieved he had found Covenant House. He said “My name is Tom I am here for intake” I informed him that he was at the wrong building because we have recently changed from co-ed to single sex shelters and the male shelter is located in our Pender Street building.

This youth looked very tired and was a little frustrated because he was new to the city and had no idea there was 2 Covenant House locations. This youth looked so flustered and explained he doesn’t know the city and literally just got of the greyhound after a 3 day bus ride. Tom was so exhausted and scared and he was late for his intake. I gave him some water and food and told him to relax and take a seat for a few minutes.

While Tom was sitting I called over to the male shelter and explained the situation. They agreed they would push his intake a little later and hold his spot. I also printed out a map and gave it to Tom because new surroundings are never easy. Off Tom went to our other building.

A week or two went by and I often found myself wondering how it had worked out for this youth. Working at the Drake building I was not around Pender to see how he was doing. I recently applied for a new position at Pender and moved over to that location. My first day at the Pender location, who walked through the door but Tom.

Tom was happy to see me and thanked me for making sure he arrived to the shelter safely and had been staying in our Crisis Program ever since. He was looking into school and had secured a job at a fast food restaurant. He told me he doesn’t want to work in fast food for long but will do anything to support himself and is still applying for other jobs as well as applying for our Rights of Passage (ROP) program.

This young man has now been with is for around 3 months. He moved onto a construction job, and now as of today is a hired electrician apprentice. He is in his first week at ROP and doing well. This young man has so much strength and dedication. After 3 short months he is making goals and conquering them left right and center. I am so fortunate to be able to watch this youth grow and know that nothing can stop him now! Thanks so much to all the people who have been there so far on his journey. Amazing to see the dedication and drive Tom has.

Sarah Clifford
Front Desk Worker – Pender Building 

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