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“See! I told you you’re not horrible at baking!”

It was a busy Saturday night and a new cooking group had recently started in the Shelter. The weekly group had been run several times now and the youth were getting excited about the topic of the week; short bread cookies. As the youth made their way into the kitchen, I could see their excited grins. There were several youth in the kitchen and I was working alongside them to make the cookies. Some of the youth were more experienced than others and “Henry” was having a little more trouble mixing the dough. Getting discouraged, “Henry” muttered, “Oh, I’m horrible at baking! This is a disaster!”

I looked at his dough and encouraged him, “You’re not horrible at baking! Cooking and baking are lifelong skills and you’re still learning the ropes. Now what can you do to make this dough work?”

Together we added a little more flour to the mixture and all of the youth ended up producing great short bread cookies. At the end of the group, I asked “Henry” how he liked his cookies.

He smiled, “They’re great and I like them better than the batch that you made.”

My only response was, “See! I told you you’re not horrible at baking!”

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Warm Easter Wishes

From all of us at Covenant House Vancouver we wish you and yours a wonderful Easter weekend.

Enjoy this lovely card from a supporter.
easter cardeaster card
easter wishes from supporter

Have a fun & safe weekend and we are back on Monday!

Samantha shows us her resilience

I did Samantha’s first, second and third intake. She came to us from a First Nations reserve in another province. Samantha is a kind, caring person. She struggles with alcohol addiction and came to that realization through her relationship with Covenant House Vancouver.

Over the last year she has had ups and downs with her addiction and a diagnosis of a mental health issue. Tonight though, I welcomed her back to the shelter after her shift at work. She is working full time and is doing very, very well. She enjoys her job and beams with pride when I ask how her day was. She has applied for our Rights of Passage program as part of her journey to move to independence.

We know she’ll always struggle with alcohol and mental health but I am inspired by how amazing she is doing and how resilient she is after the year she has had. It is amazing the difference a year can make. She has an attachment to the staff here in the shelter and will one day be able to go out into the world with less support from us but with that attachment and unconditional love still firmly in place. 

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Help us say thanks this spring

Thank-a-Thon's are fun-filled evenings and now days where volunteers get together and call our donors just to say “thank-you”. Because we are primarily privately funded, it is important for us to be able to reach our donors and thank them personally for the difference they make in our young peoples’ lives.

Starting in April, volunteers will meet at Covenant House every Monday and Tuesday from 5:30pm-8:00pm or arrange a time during the day with our volunteer coordinator. You can sign up to volunteer for one Thank-a-Thon or as many as you like!

If you would like to volunteer for our Thank-a-Thon program please call Amanda at 604-639-8920 or email Thank-a-Thons are also ideal for families and school, church and corporate groups who would like to volunteer together.

If you can give us a couple hours of your time, we can guarantee you a positive, uplifting experience!

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