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Sleep Out: Student Edition makes a lasting impact of the lives of the LGCA community

On Friday, October 17 the Social Justice 12 students at Lions Gate Christian Academy took our challenge and slept out in support of homeless and at risk youth.

With nothing more than a sleeping bag and some cardboard, students spent the night on the gym floor.  Mike Spiliotopoulos, his fellow teachers and school administrators worked to make the night as uncomfortable as possible for the students to give them a real understanding of the challenges that homeless youth face on a daily basis. The students were only allowed to bring a sleeping bag to keep them warm.  No clean clothes, snacks or entertainment.  The staff played sound effects all night like cars passing by, loud bar patrons, meowing cats and garbage trucks passing by. 

The staff provided one small heater and hid small food items throughout the gym.  In an expression of the true meaning of community, the students pooled their resources together to make the night more comfortable for everyone, rather than for just one person.  They left in the morning knowing that they never want to go through something like that again, and with a deep understanding of our responsibility to help those less fortunate.

Together the school has raised $790, enough to provide shelter to one homeless youth for almost 3 full days! To support the fundraising efforts of Lions Gate Christian Academy Students please visit their website

Thank you to all the Lions Gate Christian Academy students, staff and parents that helped to make this amazing night possible!  We are extremely grateful!

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10,000 Dreams – Improving the lives of the homeless in our community

10,000 Dreams aims to improve the lives of the homeless in our communities – one dream at a time. Quilts Etc. and QE Home is a major sponsor of the 10,000 Dreams Project again this year. Through the efforts of their stores across Canada they will be donating 10,000 pillows to select community organizations that assist the homeless.

The Kerrisdale Village store has chosen Covenant House Vancouver and Union Gospel Mission as their charities of choice. You can support this wonderful campaign and Covenant House Vancouver by purchasing a dream bracelet at the Kerrisdale Village Quilt’s Etc. located at 2142 West 41st Ave.

So far through the sale of Dream Bracelets, the stores have raised nearly $6,000, collectively, for their community partners. Bracelets are only $2. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to each store’s selected community partners.

Bracelets are still available in many of the stores; the promotion has been extended through Sunday November 2.

To learn more click here.

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Volunteer groups make our donations area shine!

Our Gift-in-Kind department is very busy at this time of the year as we are blessed to get many clothing, household and food items donated. We have had some outstanding volunteer groups in over the last few weeks to help us sort and organize donations. In the picture you can see that there was a huge pile of donations to be tackled and the after shots show a clean and tidy donations area thanks to our volunteers.

We would like to extend our thanks to Deloitte, Forester’s Insurance, and the University of Utah’s Alternative Breaks Group for all their hard work!

gift in kind group volunteers

Ed is ready to move forward after working hard in our Crisis Program

I’ve been one of “Ed’s” main youth workers for several months now. For the most part we have worked well together, however there have been times when Ed was so challenging that I would be utterly drained by our interactions. I’m happy to be able to say that as tough as these periods could be, we were still able to work effectively together, working through the difficulties. During the time that I have been working with Ed, it has been exciting to see all of the growth that he has displayed. Quite a number of people have commented that Ed is a changed young man, as of late.

As it stands right now, Ed is working full-time in steady employment and is preparing to exit our Crisis Program, as he has been accepted into independent accommodations. 

The last few weeks with Ed have been particularly pleasant; the difficult tasks have all been completed and we have been able to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. I find myself thinking of Ed’s upcoming move, realizing that I am really going to miss our daily interactions. I wonder sometimes if the youth we serve know how genuinely sad it can be to see them go, even though we are so proud of what they have achieved.

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