Celebrating Valentine’s Day at our Drop-in Centre

Youth come to our Drop-In Centre for a variety of things, but for Valentine’s Day this year we wanted to make the space a little bit special. We decided to host a Valentine’s Day Celebration to show the homeless and at-risk youth in our community that they are valued and loved.


Pulling out the Paints

To start things off, we set up a painting area so that our young people could relax and channel their inner creativity to create beautiful works of art. If they needed a little bit of inspiration, we put the one and only Bob Ross on the TV screen to encourage them.


Bob Ross inspires our youth painters


Food and Flowers

The food for the day was also special. We set up a nice spread of ingredients so the youth could build their own tacos and have as much as they wanted to feel nourished and comfortable. On the tables, we arranged some chocolates. And of course, we couldn’t have a Valentine’s Day party without giving each young person a rose to show our appreciation and love for them.


chocolates and tacos


Overall, it was a success of a day. In our own way, we were able to do small acts of kindness to remind the youth that come into our doors that they are valued and cared about. Whether it was through a fun, creative activity; a belly full of delicious, hot food; or a small token of love; we really hope the message was clear. We look forward to continuing to journey with these young people and will not hesitate in the future to remind them how important and valued they are, if they ever should forget.


Happy Valentine's Day