Grade 9s from Island Pacific School sleep out in the cold to fundraise for Covenant House Vancouver

On Wednesday, February 7, the grade 9 class at Island Pacific School slept outside in the cold in support of homeless and at-risk youth here at Covenant House Vancouver. Through their efforts, they raised an amazing $13,505 – the most funds ever raised through Sleep Out: Student Edition!

We want to send a huge “Thank You!” to Island Pacific School for providing our young people with the care and support they need, and the opportunity to leave the streets behind them for good.

The Grade 9 students share their experiences sleeping out:

“After being thrown out of their house, running away from violence or being shoved out of foster care; the pain and trauma would be unbearable and almost unimaginable. But by doing this sleep out, it opened my eyes to their world.”

“I had mentally prepared myself for an uncomfortable and wet night, however it was not until after tonight the realization struck me…youth in Vancouver undergo this EVERY night.”

“The Sleep Out isn’t about pretending to be homeless, it is to recognize the importance of groups like Covenant House and how they can help kids like us turn their lives around.”

“Although last night’s sleep was cold and uncomfortable, I am glad to have done it with my class. I can not imagine having to do what we did last night EVERY night and ALONE.”

“I think that as a city, Vancouver needs to address this issue. I can’t imagine sleeping like this day after day. I would feel so run down, depressed and lonely. No youth should have to feel this way. We need to come together to end this cycle.”