Despite a chronic illness a young woman transforms her life

About a year ago a young woman arrived with some of our Covenant House Outreach Workers. She had just had a major surgery and her health had been deteriorating for some time. She seemed very uneasy during her intake and asked that the Outreach Workers stay with her during it. Later on, she told me she was unsure about how the Crisis Program staff would be with her as it was her first time at our Crisis Program. It can be very hard for young people to trust us and all our youth workers work hard to build positive relationships with our youth.

As the young woman had a chronic illness, she had quite a few doctors’ appointments, up to three times a week. I remember attending appointments with her and she was so grateful when she had company with her. It was obvious that she was quite tired and would struggle to walk at times. What I admired about her was that no matter how tired or unwell she was feeling she would continue to push herself to make it to her appointments. When I would ask if any of the youth wanted to go on outings to the store to grab supplies we needed, she would volunteer regardless of how she was feeling. She was also working very hard to have visits with her child. She would ask some of the staff who are also mothers for advice on how to be a better mom. She worked hard along with staff to get into a supportive housing program and connect to parenting programs.

Recently, she stopped by the Crisis Program for a visit with staff. She was gleaming, happy and looked so much healthier then when she first arrived at our Crisis Program. She stated that she was now drug and alcohol free. She was still living in the supportive housing environment she worked so hard to get into and has obtained more time with her child. She states she continues to work hard to maintain her health and sobriety.

The amount of growth and transformation we saw in her during her stay at Covenant House Vancouver will always stay with me. She worked so hard with our team as well as her other community supports to get her life going in a positive direction something she was unsure would ever happen. She continues to work on her goals and although at times there may be struggles, she continues to fight for a better tomorrow.

Shared by Youth Worker Jessica


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