A thoughtful youth helps a newcomer feel more at ease

Henry joined our Crisis Program over the weekend and it was his first time staying with us. He was very anxious and unable to leave his room for long periods on his first day in our program. Luckily, he was roommates with a thoughtful resident, Sam, who came to the office and asked to speak to me privately in order to share concerns about him. Sam told me that he wanted to make sure his roommate was okay, and asked that staff check on and reassure Henry.

Throughout the rest of the weekend, I noticed Sam and another youth make an effort to go out of their way to check in with Henry to see how he was. They invited Henry along with them to yoga and engaged with him in every opportunity that they could find. By the end of my weekend shift, Henry was far less anxious being in the space and had applied for many jobs!

As a youth worker, we always work hard to make youth feel comfortable and build relationships with them but it is always special to see youth support and care for one another as well.

Shared by Youth Worker Han