A mentor and a youth slowly develop a trusting relationship

The Covenant House Mentorship program supports youth with their career aspirations, encourages personal growth, and helps youth develop confidence. One of the first matches in the program lasted for close to two years. Although they got along well when they first met, it took Nathan a long time to build trust with his mentor. Many of their initial meetings focused on Nathan’s post-secondary studies and on him learning more about his chosen career. His mentor was very patient. He understood that developing trust takes time, and was happy to meet Nathan “where he was at”. Nathan was not ready to share his cell phone number to communicate by text, so his mentor continued to set up meetings and check in by email.

As more meetings took place, and a deeper connection developed, I could see that Nathan was really starting to open up. Nathan and his mentor began to do other activities together – going for walks and hikes, and even attending a hockey game. Nathan was letting his guard down and beginning to talk about personal things, such as his family and friends. Helping youth develop healthy, trusting relationships is one of our key goals and I was excited to see Nathan getting to the point where he had the trust to open up to an adult. After almost a year, I heard that Nathan’s mentor was finally texting him!

After Nathan moved out, he and his mentor continued to check in with me. They were still meeting (sometimes every week!) and developing an even greater bond. It has been beautiful to watch this relationship unfold and to see Nathan develop such a strong connection; one that continues to provide support and guidance as Nathan builds a healthy and independent future.

Shared by Lisa our Mentorship Coordinator.