The power of the mother and child relationship

Mother’s Day is almost and here and the importance of mothers is undeniable. The role a mother plays in her child’s life is almost impossible to define or explain. So what does that mean for Covenant House’s young people?

Many of our youth do not know their mom or may have been abused or abandoned by them. Some of our youth have treated their mother’s terribly and took advantage of that relationship due to drugs or mental illness.

That being said we have noticed some very amazing things about the mother and child relationship: number one, it is incredibly strong and resilient; number two, youth often want to have a connection with their mom and number three, both the mother and child can be incredibly forgiving of each other’s behaviour.

We have met youth that have done some pretty awful things to their mother but every time that young person says they want to leave the streets or get off drugs their mom will be waiting with open arms and do everything they can to help them. We know youth that were treated so horrifically by their mom that you would never think they would never forgive them but they do and they want nothing more for their mom to love them.

The mother and child relationship never fails to both amaze and fascinate us. Youth and mothers are two of the most resilient and strong groups we can think of. Youth can find “moms” everywhere from aunties and grandparents to sisters and mentors. Women become surrogate mothers all the time fostering children, keeping an eye out for the teen down the block or letting one more kid join the dinner table.

One thing is for sure the world is a better place because of mothers and so we give our thanks to all the mothers and surrogate mother’s everywhere.

Happy Mother’s Day!