Carol’s bravery enabled her to write a different ending to her story

When we first met Carol*, communication was a real struggle. Carol did not speak English very well as she was a recent immigrant who found herself in a terrifying situation.

Carol was living with her parents and was the victim of physical and emotional abuse. On top of that, she was in a new country where she did not speak the language or know anyone. Carol will carry the impacts of her abuse for years to come as she moves forward in her life.

One day, Carol experienced an assault that led her to say enough is enough. Once left alone in the home Carol wrote, “I need help” on a piece of paper and mustered up the courage necessary to leave the family home. Carol knocked on the doors of four different neighbours and handed them the note. At the fourth house, a neighbor phoned the police.

Staff used a translator during the intake process for our Crisis Program and translation apps for the months to come as Carol’s English skills improved. Carol built healthy relationships with our youth workers and was able to attend a job training program and secure a part time job.

It was because of Carol’s bravery she was able to write a different ending to her story. We are honoured to have known her and been a part of her journey.

– Shared by Youth Worker Lindie

*Youth’s name changed for confidentiality