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Slowly but surely Kyle started to open up to staff…

When “Kyle” first came to us, he was not very open with Crisis Program staff. He often kept to himself, especially around women due to his estranged relationship with his mother. He was unwilling to talk about himself and his past experiences. Kyle often walked around with his hoodie over his head throughout the day and with his cap covering part of his face.

Staff worked hard at their relationship with Kyle, and slowly but surely, he started to open up. He eventually overcame his fear and started to communicate with people more openly. Kyle also started to become more trusting towards women. He was able to reveal more of his past experiences and the traumatic situations he had experienced. He revealed that he initially hated the shelter, however, through the unconditional love he had experienced from staff, Kyle now felt as though he had been rescued.

During his stay in our Crisis Program, Kyle has waited patiently for housing opportunities, and his patience has finally paid off. Recently he moved out, on his own.

As a going away gift, Kyle was given a stuffed teddy bear. It was such a joy to see the glow in his eyes when he hugged the bear. Much like a little boy, he hugged the teddy bear so tightly refusing to let go, and then slipped into his bedroom to hide his bear from his peers. Seeing him move forward, and seeing other youth do the same in their lives, is truly what makes it worth coming into work each day!