Thanking Hockey Helps the Homeless for transforming young lives!

Covenant House Vancouver would like to thank Patrick Robinson and Hockey Helps the Homeless for their generous gift of $60,000, which will support two specific areas of need in our Continuum of Care. Part of the funding will be directed to the Male Crisis Program, which has experienced an increasing number of youth being turned away due to lack of space.  This funding will allow five more youth to have 24-hour care for 37 days, the average length of stay in the program. In addition, funding will also be directed to the Street Outreach Program, which has seen a considerable impact of the current opioid crisis on our youth and a resulting increase in demand for services. This funding will enable 95 youth to make initial connections with our Street Outreach workers and learn more about the help they can receive when they come to Covenant House.

Since 2011, Hockey Helps the Homeless has made a difference to the lives of hundreds of youth at Covenant House: 192 youth have received 24 hour care in our Crisis Programs, 342 youth have accessed services through the Drop-In space and 443 youth have made critical contacts on the street with our Outreach teams. In total, Hockey Helps the Homeless has impacted close to 1000 homeless youth in Vancouver and given them hope – an incredible gift!

Thank you for believing in our young people and helping us transform lives.